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mary c
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I started checking this website a couple wks ago in anticipation for my first trip to Europe. I have been a Fodors book fan for about 10 yrs since I bought a used 1991 Fodors Paris Pocket edition at a yard sale; fell in love with Paris just from reading it and have been thirsting to go ever since, so this trip will be the dream of a lifetime. Bought a 2001 Fodors Paris guide and decided that, no matter what, this would be the year I'd get to go. Have read other good travel guides, but have decided that Fodors is my favorite. I posted a week or so that I am addicted to this site, and declare that I still am as I check this site at least twice a day, also. I also have the guilty pleasure of checking in at work sometimes. ;-) Naughty, naughty me!
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My name is Rex Bickers, and I am here constantly. Some will call this quite an understatement.

I came here in November of 1999, after Ben Haines told me about this web site. We had met on the lonelyplanet/thorntree website about a month before that. I am often curious how DO people find their way here. It has been said that PC magazine lists this as a top 100 web site, but I recently searched for such lists (not only PC magazine but many as others as well), and I couldn't find any documentation of this at all. I am curious about just how much readership this Europe forum gets in an average day. I have seen the number of posts grow from 50-100 in a day to somewhere between 200-500 in a day (and I am not even multiply counting the individual threads that get 10-20 posts on some days - - sometimes in an hour or two!) - - this leads to the conclusion that maybe 2000 or more unique individuals come here on an average day, and page views might be ten - - or maybe even a hundred thousand (a "page view" means every time you click on a thread to read it). I'm just interested in numbers because I am fascinated by the numbers of the overall internet, that's all. I saw on Jeopardy last night that there are five MILLION e-mails per MINUTE (and I bet that this excludes intra-network messaging - - i.e., Lotus notes e-mail and the like - - much of corporate America thinks of this as their "main" business e-mail).

At some appropriate time and place, I am actually tempted to tell more about me - - family, career and the like. I have kept that pretty private here, despite my fairly "public" persona. I remain interested in trips that might involve other Fodorites.

Oh, and I love sending and receiving "real" (snail mail) postcards - - not to mention orders for Fodor's logo ribbon pins (wink...) - - with or without the PA modification.

Going out on a limb here...

Rex Bickers, M.D.
5282 Garand Drive
Westerville, Ohio 43081

(You could find this on Yahoo People Search anyhow - - besides, the "disclosure" here is not the street address, now is it?)

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I think the site is brilliant - have travelled all over the world and most people's comments are pretty accurate.
Was a little disappointed when I tried to get info on nice hotels at Atlanta Airport (perhaps there aren't any) and also when I looked for info on Cajun country cabin style accommodation - Nevertheless it is fascinating to wander round. Long may it last.
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Mark Harris
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I must admit that I , or at least one of my staff, do check this site every day.
We never used to until until we received some adverse publicity which I am sure regular fodorites will be aware of.
This is a particularly good forum for those of us in the "industry " as Fodorites seem particularly keen to let their hair down with good & bad travel stories alike.Customer feedback is always welcome , even when it references
the negative side of the business.I hope that all other " Industry " people would use this site to improve their service and not as a means of cheap publicity .
Long may it continue.
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Me, too! I'm going to Italy and Greece for two weeks this summer, My first time abroad. I can't begin to tell you how helpful this site is. So for everyone out there who takes the time to patiently answer a seemingly dumb question, THANKS!! It's true that if You have a question, there is probably someone out there with the same one, just too afraid to ask!!
Thanks Again!!
Old Mar 10th, 2001, 01:57 PM
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Like this thread, hadn't seen it before as I have been a visitor for only about 8 months. Usually just a lurker, come here generally every week-end to catch up. I have become fascinated with the personalities and the whole "soap opera" aspect of this site, although I really am just addicted to reading about (and dreaming about) the far -flung places I want to visit, which is to say, just about everyplace I haven't been to yet! The Europe forum seems to me to be the most interesting of the various regional forums, so this is the one I visit the most often for entertainment value. And, it has been most helpful in planning our trips to Europe (upcoming one to Berlin and Prague in April). If I could access the web at work, I would probably be here a ton more!

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Count me in too! Since I have cable modem(LOVE/HATE), and it is on all day, I walk by the monitor and punch in favorites, and voila there it is! So I have access
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Sorry about that, I goofed! Well, actually that was bad Dean Cain that made that mistake, not good Judy. And if that is you Rex,(I am getting paranoid) is now DR. Rex...
ta dah! And Geri, if you need any info about Atlanta, I would love to help you out with any info you may need.
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I'm number 88! I have met so many interesting people on this website. It is addictive, but in a good way! We've actually met a couple of times locally and consider it a great opportunity to meet and talk about a common interest. I just happened upon this site and am very glad I did. Now, if we could just stop the nastiness that seems to have shown up lately....
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I discovered this forum shortly before my trip to Hungary and the Czech Republic in Sept 99. I had purchased a Fodors guide on those areas and noticed that they had a web site so decided to check it out. Been here ever since usually every other evening or sometimes during lunch. The information here is invaluable for travelers. I did get somewhat turned off a couple of months ago when a few idiots came on wich such negative comments. I've learned to skip or pass by a lot of the negativity and focus on questions that I can contribute to or have an interest in, therefore, it is important to phrase your question that provoke interest.
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I discovered this forum last year when I was planning a trip. Simultaneously thrilled and nervous about traveling alone, I found a wealth of helpful and reassuring information here. I generally check in daily, to see what people are saying about places I've been and places I'd like to be (and, though my travel experience is limited, I try to help where I'm able).

I did, in fact, buy my first Fodor's guide for my last trip. I didn't find it all that useful for my needs and I'm not sure I'd buy again. (But it did come with a nice map of Germany and a free single-use camera, so there you are.)
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If anybody is still counting add me to the list.
I've been visiting practically every day since I discovered the site in early 2000.
Being a travel enthusiast all my life, even to the point of emigrating about 30 years ago, I enjoy "pinching" many of the great recommendations and suggestions, plus giving back a few tips of my own.
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I can't believe that I'm responding to a post from almost two years ago...

Anyway, I have been frequenting this board for about 6 months, looking for information about Spain for my honeymoon this October. It's been a great experience, and I've got so much more out of it than I ever expected. I tend to go to the site in spurts; that is, I will visit many times each day, then take a break for a few days, then get right back into it. I highly recommend this board for anyone that needs good Europe info. The people are very friendly and knowledgable. This place is fun!

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