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Count me in! I visit this site daily and feel that many of the regulars are like old friends. I too have traveled (to Europe more times than I can count) and love to share and compare my experiences with other travelers. The information available here is AMAZING and whether I.m planning an upcomiong trip or not, I appreciate it all. Keep it coming Fodor's. Joan
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to the top

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Okay this was just pushed to the top.
I imagine there will be at least 50 added posts by noon today, it is now 8:20 am.

Love love love this site.
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Maybe yes, maybe no.

Ten minutes elapsed already, no new takers. These long threads take a long time to retrieve.

Oh, and one other thing. You can be sure that Fodor's has tons of data on who visits here, how often, your IP address, and probably all the aliases you use here.

Just guessing.
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I found this site about three months ago as I was starting to plan a trip to Spain. I'm hooked. I check it once or twice a day. It's not only informative - it's entertaining!
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My name is Lisa and I'm a Fodorholic.

I always used to scoff at reports of people so caught up in the internet that they would spend hours on the computer, neglecting real life.

Well, here I am. A month later and many many hours spent staring at the computer screen. My house is a mess and the laundry has piled up.Our plans for home alterations have once again been pushed to the back burner. Luckily I have not started yet to neglect my children although the cat is bored of staring at the back of my head for hours.

Stumbled on this site while researching our upcoming trip to Europe.

Have found mounds of useful tips from everything from cruise lines, packing, clothes to buy, to routing, hotels, places to visit, train travel and the list goes on.

Have used Fodor's books in the past but always research our trips with a combination of internent, many, many guidebooks, AAA guides and maps and advice from friends. Right now, I could probably pay for an extra ticket with what I have spent on guidebooks for this trip.

I usually find our hotel choices on the internet by doing a search.I like being able to see photos on the website. I have found some great hotels this way.It has been nice to get opinions from those who have been there

I have received a fax from someone who sent me an article I could not find, train info -emailed by Ben Haines and extensive and comprehensive answers to most of my questions. Was so overwhelmed and appreciative of those whoc have helped. and yes I have thanked them, even if I do get my aliases mixed up sometimes.

Hopefully, I have also been able to help people to whom I have replied on all parts of the forum, (although nobody has acknowledged or thanked me, Sniff, sniff - yes, the Not a Troll post on Fodor's etiquette was mine.)

Hopefully, once the big trip is over, I won't spend quite so many hours on this forum. Yeah right!
We travel a lot so I guess there will always be something to research.

Thank you to all and happy travels.
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Acknowleging or saying thanks for STARTing an interesting thread? I thought thanks would be something one says if a question gets ANSWERed!

But let no job go undone.

Who will take this responsibility?


Or has he been fired?

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I've been coming to the site an average of 5 times per week since December. I usually check it at least once per day to see if there is any question I can help answer (I have much more luck on the Asia board, since I live in China, but we get far, far fewer requests there). I check it more often (several times a day) once I have had the chance to post to see what the other responses are.

I've always liked Fodors guides, and this forum has improved my overall impression of the company.
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I check the site a few times a day; usually during the week. I find most of the posters intelligent and eager to help. And, yes, I went out of my way to buy a Fodor's guide for an upcoming trip.
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I saw an advertisement in Forbes magazine last fall for the Fodors travel site. I thought I would check it out and I have found it to be very interesting. I am big fan of Michelin guides. I feel they are the most accurate for me, so I don't buy Fodors books. I hope they don't ban me from this site.
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for aaa.
Were you refering to my post on giving thanks or not being thanked ? If you were, then you misunderstood my references and I apologise for perhaps being oblique. Allow me to clarify for you. What I was trying to say, is that there are occasions where I have not been thanked or acknowledged when I have given what I thought were informative responses to people who have asked questions in areas where I have some degree of expertise. I then went on to say that I started a thread regarding that topic. I did not say that I expected to be thanked for starting a thread.

But anyway, I thank Elizabeth for starting this thread which has certainly prompted many responses.
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I check the site many times per day. I leave it up on my computer at work and come to it when I need a fix. I feel that my spiritual pathway includes traveling the world so I love living vicarously through some of you and I also love sharing my traveling experience. It's a fun group of people and we all have a love for travel. jcat
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Ditto, love this site too and log onto it at least, if not twice, a day.
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I do look at this sight often(1-2 times/week). I appreciate the help from fellow travellers. Keep up the good work! Have used some hotel recommendations.
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Count me in! I visit at least 2 times a day and have been here for about 6 or more months! I appreciated getting info for our trip, giving info for other's use and responding to silly threads!

Elvira, I was shocked to see you had only been here for 18 months. For some reason you had been here for years!
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Count me in as recently addicted. This has proven to be the most helpful site on the internet for European travel. One day I may venture into the other areas, but I'm so intrigued with what I find in the Europe section that I come back 2-3 times a day.
"Thank you" to all the people who have answered questions and provided insights. And "thank you" to fodors for providing and maintaining this forum.
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Only discovered Fodor forum last month and have been on daily. My husband will go on one trip a year, reluctantly [although he appears to enjoy it while we're there. He says it's too stressful, espacially in another language.
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celia lynn
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I, too, lurked for a while to get the feel of the board. When I decided to go to Paris in April and made my reservations I started asking questions and helping out when I could. I've got Fodor's from 1983...I try to go at least every 5 years, but the last trips have been 2 years apart.

I needed info on a "laid back" visit to Paris, and I've gotten teriffic responses to everyquestion I've asked. Really enjoyed the wit and cutting edge silliness. It's a great group.
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Count me in as a Fodor addict! I've been coming here almost daily (sometimes several times a day) for about 4 months! We are traveling to Europe for the first time this summer and have gained invaluable knowledge here at this site! Thanks to all!!
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Now that I am planning a trip to Paris I check this forum at least once a day when I get home from work. I don't know about any of the other travel forums on the web, I haven't checked them out. Don't feel the need to. The information that I have received from asking questions and reading other posts has helped me immensely. I feel much more confident about making this trip after reading about the experiences of others. Christina (absolutely fantastic details - I am amazed at the depth of your knowledge) and all of the regulars with your tips, keep up the great work. The time that you take to answer questions is much appreciated. I hope I can share something notable upon my return that will be as useful to someone as your advice has been to me.

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