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Maggie Aug 8th, 1999 11:37 AM

St. Cleran's Hotel, Ireland--Anyone Stayed There???
We're thinking of spending the last night of our upcoming (September) vacation in Ireland at the St. Cleran's Hotel and are wondering if anyone has stayed there and what they thought. It used to be director John Huston's home and is now apparently owned by Merv Griffin and run as a hotel. Web site looks beautiful but would love first hand information. Many thanks.

Lynne Aug 8th, 1999 01:21 PM

Maggie - <BR>Haven't been there but it sounds interesting -- could you please post the website address? <BR> <BR>Thanks!

Maggie Aug 8th, 1999 04:22 PM

Hi Lynne, <BR>The address is <BR>I first found it on the site under Friendly Homes of Ireland. Check it out--- <BR>Would still love to hear from someone with first hand info. Thanks again.

Niall kavanagh Aug 9th, 1999 02:18 AM

Hi, <BR> Haven't stayed but was passing by and dropped in to check it out for future ref.. <BR>It is luxurious and beautiful. The staff <BR>were very friendly and the restaurant has gotten excellent reviews. <BR>Good Luck <BR>niallo <BR>

Donna Aug 9th, 1999 06:02 AM

Have not stayed there, but I have stayed at several of the other huge, luxurious mansions/renovated castles throughout the countryside. You will not be disappointed, period. Anjelica Huston narrated a wonderful aerial-view type video of Ireland's majestic homes, both destroyed and remaining, and talks a bit about her earlier home in Ireland.

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