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wendyb Sep 10th, 1998 02:02 PM

spontaneous first-time trip
Me and my roommate just booked a flight to Paris and a euro flexipass. We leave September 17th-October 1st. <BR>We are on a low budget (being in our-mid 20s) but both have health conditions that warrant a hotel with a private bath. The cheapest accomodations in Venice $166/ Munich 175/ and Amsterdam 106??? <BR>Is this reasonable for last minute bookings or can we find better deals once we arrive? <BR>Also- any attire suggestions???? <BR>Any, Any advice is appreciated!!THANKS

Meg Sep 10th, 1998 02:21 PM

In Amsterdam, I know you can find a room for less. We stayed on the Bridge Hotel (not to be confused with the Seven Bridge Hotel). We had a large corner room overlooking the Amstel and Prinsengracht for about $75 a night with breakfast included. Great place.

Cheryl Z. Sep 10th, 1998 02:28 PM

<BR>Wendy - as soon as you arrive in each city, check with the Tourist Information office right at the train station. You should be able to find something cheaper, with own bathroom, except possibly in Venice. Venice is not cheap. IF you've already made these hotel reservations at the prices you list, keep them as insurance just in case. Have a great trip - and remember what everyone says on these boards - pack light!!

Anna Sep 10th, 1998 05:51 PM

Have you looked at any of Rick Steve's guidebooks? You should be able to find much cheaper accommodations using his guides ( I think his guide would be especially helpful in finding a cheaper place in Venice). His web site is I usually only reserve my first nights hotel and then call a day or two ahead for the rest. You are not travelling during peak season so I don't think you'll have too much trouble finding a room. The TI's should also be able to find you a room for less than you have been quoted so far. <BR>

dan Sep 11th, 1998 04:20 AM

That's pretty expensive. Don't get reservations from a travel agent's recommendations. Look at several guidebooks - Rick Steves, Lonely Planet, Fodors, Frommers, and Let's Go (maybe the best for what you are looking for), and then either call or fax to reserve. Some travel agents will fax for you if you give them the info and pay a fee. You could also go with the above suggestion of waiting until there. <BR>

Monica Sep 11th, 1998 04:52 AM

Do a search on this forum "My LONG story" + Italy and you'll see the hotel information for Venice. We stayed at Hotel Galleria which is on the Grand canal next to the Accademia bridge. We paid $86 per night including taxes and the room came with a private bathroom. My posting includes the phone number and fax number of the hotel. Luciano and Stefano are the owners who were very friendly and helpful. <BR> <BR>

anne Sep 11th, 1998 06:21 AM

Last Oct. we stayed at the lovely Casa Verardo in Venice - around $100 double with bath. Close to everything, but on a quiet little canal. Lovely owners, small but charming place. Phone 011-39-41-528-6138.

wes fowler Sep 11th, 1998 06:35 PM

Wendy, <BR>if you're on a budget, why stay in the high rent district? Why not stay in the outskirts of the cities you're interested in? Use your flexipass to get about. In Amsterdam, check with the VVV, the tourist office; they can provide you with accommodations ranging from 5 star hotels to private homes. Visit towns like Alsmeer (about 9 miles from Amsterdam) with the world's largest flower auction and check out accommodations there (much cheaper than Amsterdam. In Munich, you're looking at Oktoberfest prices in hotels. Look instead at gasthauses in Bavaria: Schongau, Tutzing, Herrsching are charming towns within a half hour to hour train ride to Munich. Again check the tourist office in the train station. Check some of the postings here under Bavaria for details on places to stay. Check the postings for Venice as well.

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