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Alain Matton Aug 5th, 1998 08:28 AM

Split (Croatia) and Sarajevo (Bosnia)
Can somebody give me more information on these two cities and especially about the accomodation. Do you know very good hotels in these cities, because I am going at the end of the year to visit my brother who is an european observer

. Aug 7th, 1998 07:29 AM


Elizabeth Aug 8th, 1998 12:10 AM

<BR>We went to Split as part of a trip down the Dalmatian Coast late May this year. We stayed on the waterfront in the old part of the town in a hotel which was both expensive and run down - although the view was fabulous - a bit like being on the Grand Canal in Venice. I would try the Tourist Bureau on the waterfront for a private room in the old part of town - I didn't see any other hotels apart from the one we stayed in. Why don't you toddle down the coast to Hvar (our favourite and very cheap) or Korcula and then to Dubrovnik?

Alain Aug 11th, 1998 02:55 AM

Thank you for the information. <BR>Is it trew that the food is so bad in these countries ? <BR>Is ther somebody who can give me some information on Sarajevo and also on Split. <BR>Thank you. <BR>Alain

Wade Aug 19th, 1998 05:31 PM

Alain -- <BR> In Sarajevo, both the Hotel Grand and the Palace Hotel are good; there are also a couple in the commercial district downtown that look good but I haven't been into them. <BR>The food is surprisingly good at the Grand. I haven't eaten at the Palace. Expect small rooms, good service. Both are in "New Sarajevo" -- the area around the train station, parliament, and the Holiday Inn -- but a cab ride to downtown or to the old market is inexpensive. Room rates struck me as high, but that seems to be true throughout Sarajevo. The Palace is a bit cheaper. <BR> <BR>You will probably find prices less expensive south of Split, but since you'll be going off-off-season, you might find some very good rates everywhere. <BR> <BR>Bosnia was a delight to visit, friendly and generous people, naturally beautiful, and often painfully damaged.... <BR> <BR>Wade <BR>

sal Dec 10th, 1998 09:40 AM

dear Alain <BR>Sarajevo now is served by Airlines ad You may easy fly there a possible solution may be via Rome Italy , overnight in Zagreb and flight to Sarajevo . Split is a nice city and You may fly from Rome Italy as well ,. overnight Hotel Marian ($ 70 per night) or Dubrovnik Hotel Excelsior ($70), in Sarajevo beside Hotels You may find nice and clean private houses at $30 a nite <BR>I may assist You to get flights from Rome Italy to Split Dubrovnik and Sarajevo , feel free to contact me sal

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