Spend 8 hours in Nice or Monte Carlo?

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Spend 8 hours in Nice or Monte Carlo?

I will be on a W. Med. cruise to the port of Villenfranche , which is a 15-20 minute train ride to Nice or Monte Carlo end of April on a Sunday. I've been told most shops in France are closed on Sundays.Any ideas how to spend my time would be appreciated--does anyone know of any websites for me to find info?Shopping on Sunday somewhere, sites to see, things to do???
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If I remember, the shops are open in both places on Sunday. If it's a nice day, I'd go to Monte Carlo, because the gardens behind the casino are terrific. You should also go into the casinos (they now allow shorts) and play the slot machines. Nice has a wonderful pedestrian street that runs parallel to the sea, mostly souvenir shops, but all open.
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If I only had 8 hours I would definitely go to Monte Carlo. Evem though it is very small, it is something to behold. The marina, THE casino, the fountains, the palace...Monte Carlo is so decadent and lush.
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Thanks for the info!!!
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Laura I would think a lot depends on your interests. There is a wonderful Matisse museum in Nice and the old part of town is beautiful for strolling around in.

Monaco is tremendous for history, fantastic views and of course the casino. Keep in mind that the American Room is slot machines only. And it's smokey! If you want to play the tables you must enter the main casino. I believe there is a charge and the minimum bets are pretty steep? This is just what I have heard, I've only been in the front room.

There is of course the castle, the wonderful church on the hill, a fantastic aquarium- I believe it was started by Jacque Cousteua (sp?).

Both towns are wonderful- 20 mins. apart by train. Perhaps lunch in Nice (way less expensive) and then siteseeing in Monaco?

Have fun!
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Laura: The aquarium in Monte Carlo is really fantastic; one of the best I have ever been to. You could spend hours there also.
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Do both,they are quite small and it wouldbe fun to compare-very doable
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Sounds great, I believe that I could do both Nice and Monte Carlo. Does anyone have a favorite place to shop at either?
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John G
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I absolutely hate Nice. It is a good place to use a base to explore the surrounding area, but I find Nice boring and uninteresting. On the other hand, I love Monte Carlo. There is not really a lot to do, but the scenery is unbelievably beautiful. I loved just walking around and sitting at the cafes and talking to people. It is also fun to go up into the hillside and have lunch or dinner at one of the family-owned restaurants. You could also go to Grasse for perfume and visit Eze (sp?).
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beth anderson
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If you will have a car you must drive BOTH the Grande and Moyenne Corniche. I highly recommend you rent a car for the day to do this. You could take a taxi I suppose, but you'd be better off doing the drive yourself!!

what time do you dock? I hope you can see all this, early in the morning, before everyone gets up and starts their day! it's so peaceful...

You could spend the whole day, with a car, just meandering and exploring the area. That would be my number one thing to do, actually, with 8 hours. everything is close enough to get to see some pretty clifftop views, and still be able to get out, park the car, and walk around.

by all means see Monte Carlo - but you can visit La Turbie (way up high - gorgeous views), Eze, and even a little bit of Nice (I would recommend the Cours Salaya and maybe go down to have a gander at the boats).

for this really all you need is a good map (Michelin) and a car. www.kemwel.com is a good place to start. I've used them many many times, always had good luck. Don't know if they are the cheapest, but I've always been treated well so I don't bother to look elsewhere.

I've been there twice in the past 6 months, if you need any more info, email me and I'll see what I can do..

have FUN! where else are you going? I'm jealous!!

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Laura - I have been to villefranche on a cruise on Sunday and you can do both and you might want to add EZ. We got a cab - went to Nice - there's lots of shopping on Sunday All the old town was open - many, many shops. We ate lunch there, then we went to Ez. A lovely, old town on top of a mountain. Lots of galleries, shops, restaurants, a beautiful cactus garden. Really loved Ez. Then we got another cab to Monte Carlo.We did not find any shops open on sunday. There were lots of shops - designer stores - but nothing open.But it was beautiful and we went to the palace and the casino. Then we took a train back to the ship. We did all that in about 8 hours. That doesn't leave you a long time in any place but it was great.

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