Spain.. Want to do it all!


Aug 1st, 2013, 08:04 AM
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Spain.. Want to do it all!

Thank you for advice you can give us regarding visiting the major tourist attractions in Spain.

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We are able to spend 3 weeks but we are finding it hard to find a tour company that has a trip that includes Barcelona, Toledo, Madrid, Seville, Costa Del Sol - Toremolinos, Valencia, Pamplona, Ronda,Granda etc. Might you know of a company that has such an offering?

Also, considering that we will visit so many climates, which month do you recommend we go? THE HEAT does not bother us too much, and , of course, we are considering crowds and value. We thought if we booked now for next year we could save a bit.

Your insights will be APPRECIATED!

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Aug 1st, 2013, 08:12 AM
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I doubt that you can do it all. This is the car tour we did in about that amount of time:
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Aug 1st, 2013, 08:23 AM
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I really think your itinerary will be impossible to find a tour company that covers it. Even tours that move around a bit generally only cover a few places and usually more major ones. In particular, I bet you would have trouble finding a tour including Pamplona, Ronda and Toremolinos (and possibly Toledo). And tours don't usually last that long, they tend to be 10-14 days, which is why they don't cover as much. FOr example, these types

Those last two do cover a lot of what you want, but they are only 10-11 days so you don't see a lot in each place

Assuming you have no barriers to when you go, I'd pick a moderate temp time in the Spring or Fall, if you want to go to the south. Maybe April or October. Prices won't be especially low then, I think you'd have to look at months that could be okay but not as likely optimal (ie March or November).
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Aug 1st, 2013, 09:37 AM
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Why not do a tour and an on your own combo? If I were doing a tour, I pick a Rick Steves tour - I think his are better (slower) paced, so you could find the longest one he offers for Spain and then at the end do your own thing for a few days for any places that are MUST SEE and not included.
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