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haylayla Oct 12th, 2021 07:44 PM

Spain or Greece with 6mo baby January-March?
My husband and I plan to take our 6 month baby to either Greece or Spain (and possibly Portugal) for three months of parental leave this Winter (January to March). The timing is not flexible but we do have three months. Weve never been to either place. We plan to do 3 month-long rentals in different regions of either country we choose (eg a city, a farm stay or village near great hiking trails, a coastal town). Likely in the south of either country for the warmer weather. Can you help us decide?

We are very outdoorsy, love food, prefer to take public transit than rent a car, are looking for the warmest weather we can get, and need access to good healthcare just in case, because baby. Were more into long hikes or exploring a city on foot than we are into museums. We love travel by train and dont want to fly between destinations or try to pack too much in. Were budget conscious. Wed be open to doing a work trade on a farm or something like that one of the months (well my husband would be!)

Where should we go?! Specific places are really helpful to hear in addition to weighing in on Greece vs Spain.


dreamon Oct 13th, 2021 03:43 AM

If you would like to travel by public transport and have the baby, then I recommend Spain over Greece, simply because Spain has a much better train network than Greece. Trains are easier with kids I think. Greece's public transport system is dominated by buses with very limited trains. In addition, many places in Greece are very quiet off season because they are seen by tourists as predominantly summer places. Of course there are many places in Greece which have year long liveliness but you have to choose more carefully. Both countries are beautiful.

If choosing Spain, then there are many towns from which you could base yourselves but, for starters, have a look at Seville, Salamanca and Valencia. I haven't visited the north but I would think that the hiking would be great there. If including Portugal, then the obvious choices would be Lisbon and Porto. If you want somewhere smaller and more rural, there are many choices so it might help to narrow down to an area.

Traveler_Nick Oct 13th, 2021 03:55 AM

I'd think about a larger Spanish city or town. You're very much out of season for anything coastal.

dreamon Oct 13th, 2021 01:44 PM

On a practical note, you will find life much easier if you're breastfeeding when travelling rather than having to deal with formula and all that hassle. I also strongly recommend a baby backpack/carrier. One where baby can be either on your front or back can be useful but the bigger sturdier ones worn on your back are great too. Some even come with wheels, although that adds unwanted weight. Anyway, check them out and decide what suits you best.

dreamon Oct 13th, 2021 01:53 PM

If looking for somewhere smaller but still a sizeable town with all facilities, we really enjoyed our (too-brief) visit to Ronda in Andalusia. It has both train and bus transport to other towns in the area, although they are not always frequent. I wish we'd had longer to do some hiking from there. Cordoba (bigger than Ronda) is also a fantastic town, with great transport links. If looking for villages, there are just heaps (but often transport is limited to a few buses a day, if that).

Lucky you!

haylayla Oct 17th, 2021 09:05 PM

Weve decided on Andalucia Spain! Looking at staying in Seville in January, maybe Ronda or somewhere more rural if we can find a village with decent public transit from Ronda or Grenada in February, and trying to assess where would be the best to go along the coast in March when its a bit warmer. (Less touristy in Portugal?)

Any specific village recommendations or things weve overlooked, would love to hear!

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