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Spain old fashioned due to lack of time slot

Spain old fashioned due to lack of time slot

Feb 14th, 2018, 05:52 PM
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The Spanish love to eat and are unapologetic about it. The main meal is lunch and then there is tapas and then there is a light dinner. And in the major tourist areas there are always a few places that cater to tourists

There are some changes in siesta hours in the larger cities because people do not want to contend with four rush hours and with business becoming international, it is harder to leave a business unintended.

Our family who had a dairy until recently, worked around the meal hours. And one of my favorite activities occurred about 11 PM. We would walk in the darkness, they knew the way, to visit friends and relatives in nearby towns. They did not call first, they just dropped in. Once there you were offered a drink and something to eat.
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Feb 14th, 2018, 06:51 PM
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I love Spain and the late hours. I don't know how they do it and I don't care .

When we were in Madrid in mid Oct last year . it was pitch dark at 7:00 AM. We were going to the airport, the traffic was heavy around town...obviously, people were going to work, school, or whatever....
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Feb 14th, 2018, 11:02 PM
Original Poster
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I also love Spain and infact it has more food selection then what australia has to offer.. and Spain has sommsny food types made. But australia lacks of anything other then wanna be so what ameAmeri with hot dogs. But getting back to the topic. It's just that Spain is odd when it comes by doing things at different time of the time frame. I don't go out much at night. And God knows if you let your own kids play out the streets at night in Spain when crime is the biggest thing of all specially in Australia. That's why no parenting would aloud Thier son to play out the streets in the dsrk. But Spain just seems to lack about sleeping Patten and the wake up procces. That's why Spain has this siesta because they haven't slept much at all at proper night time . Instead one goes to bed at 2am and then wakes up late but then goes to sleep again for a siesta... I call that been so lazzyness.. not heslthy. Body has to be motivated during the day so that the body can grow and rechsrre its energy during the night by relaxing at home. And also why would someone work at odd hours and then goes out and eat at restusresta and haven't been home all thru the night much at all. I rather stay home and go out during the day. It's important to have some sun in you.. not to be a night owl.. you get what I mean. I'm saying the healthy way how to do the right normalono things and all common sense. And like I said these who don't go to bed until very late in the early mornings like 2 or 3am are considered as lazzyness people who may not have a job and they stay all night long awake and sleeps during the day. Business and shops must be in preparation during the day. It's just he way the world works.. it doesn't do much late at night.. only the late night are young people going clubing.

The time must change. But Spain is used to that wrong time frame. So used to it that now you what Spanish people saying.. oh these who wake up early are these who goes to work... Like is she telling me she is a typical person who doesn't work and consider healthy habits to be stuck in bed all thru the glory morning? Oh yeah skip brrabreak too.. see if that's going to be of any good in your health life in general.

Not evrryoev likes musiums and the beach and tapas.. I rather eat properly with a plate full of a meal not tapas which looks like Asian sushi and nothing more then little tiny things to it. Tapas are ok once in a while just can't imagine having that everydays and night or day whatever one does in Spain. To me tapas are mainly a treat kind of thing for just a weekend if you prefer. And I don't go out at night and stay home to see my house to see my family. Not be out wasting money on tapas and restaurants. Oh tho today's modern life people cook less at home then what some did years ago. But still.... You don't expect to be stuck between so many people around you just because your you want to eat outdoors.. and all there is to do at night is just bars and rssrestrestaurants and not much else.. u don't eoxtex to go to the beach at night when maybe a robbery or criminal is on the loose and on the streets. This is what needs to be change. For your own sake and safety and also get some sun into your skin every days. Get off the bed don't be lazy that's what I say. It's not good enough. But remember the workforce. It needs to be operational normal hours all day that's where you make more money and not at night. The night session is focus more just cinemas and restaurants.. it's not like your going to a giant shipping centre to chill out late at night when you should be in bed. Your old enough to know better.but aniways that's what only needs to be changed... The time frame. Not sire i Italy and Greece does the same thing or they know how to stay awake during the day. And the fact Italy and Greece so the same level length as on the map and they too have night feel when it's 7am. But just because it's night time still doesn't mean you have to even lazzy and remain in bed. Why bother stays up so late.... Do you plan to play on the streets at that time of the night when more likely you have drunk and crimes around? Course that's when bad people come out. AnowAni Spain is great love it . But thr timr in spain jsut so odd motr like been lazzyness the way it looks. Aniways I usually eat at 6pm and info to bed by 11pm and I wake up 6or 7am to get ready and go to work to make good money living so that then I finish by 5pm go home and not restusrsres out there.. just go damn home and see your house and your family . Unless you live outdoors more then yourhouse you paid for. Thank you.
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Feb 15th, 2018, 01:41 AM
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Spain moved from UTC to CET with Franco. But even if they went back to GMT they would still eat late by many countries standards, and although it is less common now, would continue to enjoy a Siesta, which seems pretty sensible to me in the heat. Plenty of countries are in the wrong time zone.
As for things being closed during the day so what? You plan accordingly. Plenty of places in France and Italy are closed in the afternoon too. It is what it is.

A for the English used by OP you cannot blame terrible grammar on Android. If you have truly grown up in Australia then either the Australian education system is terrible or you are a useless student. Or you are not from Australia at all.
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Feb 15th, 2018, 02:50 AM
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Instead of using all this useless energy to rant about the hours people keep in a country you don't even live in, I suggest you study English until you are proficient enough to get a degree in sleep therapy.
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Feb 15th, 2018, 04:21 AM
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I guess you need to know when Spaniards eat their main meals and also why crime levels in Spain allows kids to be out at 11pm.

Sounds like a lot of issues going wrong in Australia, though I don't see the Australia you see talk about.

I suspect a Russian Troll ;-)
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Feb 15th, 2018, 05:34 AM
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I haven't bothered to read all of the OP's ill-written rant. As a night-owl I find the suggestion that people who get up late and go to bed late are somehow less industrious than those who get up early and go to bed early completely ridiculous. However, I do have one issue with the Spanish time schedule. It makes a great deal of sense for the south in summer, but considerably less for the north in winter. i was in the north and Barcelona in late October/early November recently and found it too cold to spend much time on the streets after the sun set, which was when the towns came to life.
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Feb 15th, 2018, 07:19 AM
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What a big amount of nonsense and topics about Spain. Spain is, probably, the most heterogenous country in Europe and there are lots of differences between the four cardinal points. It seems the OP has read some stupid book full of misconceptions and clichés about Spain and then has written something in this funny way. We work as everyone else, in fact we have more working hours than most countries in Europe. We go to bed late, but I believe the rest of the world goes to bed too early. We enjoy street life and like to socialize with friends and relatives. we love to have a few light drinks (beer, wine, cider...) with friends and to have fun outside of our homes. Shops open at 10 and close by 8...in Germany you can hardly find shops open at 6 and France is dead by 5. We certainly love our way of life and visitors (the second most visited country in the world) love seeing our kids running freely on the streets, families going out together for tapas or pintxos, the safety of this country, the great food and the enormous variety we offer, our timetables...

Of course, many of you will disagree with the above and will state why you don´t like it...but we are very happy with it. A high life expectancy is the good proof of it. And I live in the Basque Country, where things are kind of different...
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Feb 15th, 2018, 07:23 AM
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I agree with you, except that it's hard to imagine the OP has read a book, and France is not "dead by 5." Most shops and services in the towns near where I live are open until 7 or 7:30.
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Feb 15th, 2018, 07:26 AM
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You´re probably right in big towns, but as per my experience, many places in France closed very early in the afternoon, or early evening. I´m glad to know that things are changing.
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Feb 15th, 2018, 07:47 AM
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The biggest town around here has a population of 5,000, so not so big.
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Feb 15th, 2018, 07:58 AM
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Then much better to know that France is staying open until later now
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Feb 15th, 2018, 11:24 AM
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A for the English used by OP you cannot blame terrible grammar on Android. If you have truly grown up in Australia then either the Australian education system is terrible or you are a useless student. Or you are not from Australia at all.
I don't think the OP is a grown up at all. I'd be surprised if he/she was over about 13.
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Feb 15th, 2018, 06:24 PM
Original Poster
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Like I said I love Spain and Spain is primarily for the euopean union. Now... The time slot is Franco made time. Look up the history. Franco didn't wanted to change it.. it has the nazi timetsbke if you know what I mean. I also can't imagine machine letting your own baby and kids play on the streets at that time of the night.. can you imagine letting your kids play on the streets at 11pm ? That's not safe.. crime is.more put there at night instead the day. A very bad habit (bad costumbre) in Spanish. But also who on earth would have to wait and eat so late at night for ? And then why would you go to bed so late passing modnimid for ? Do you even work for a living or you just stay awake all night long because all you do is stay up all night. It's not good enough.of I had people living with me like that you will know where the broom stick will end up gojng to each one in bed. But all I was complaining was that eat late is not a good thing because by then you end up going to bed late and by then you end up almost skipping mornings and breakfast and by the time you wake up it be almost midday.. not a good smart way though specially if you want the country to be top on the economy during business day hours.

I see Spain has live shows on tv that doesn't finish until 1 or 2am... Again the while thing needs to be changed its really not a good way to do things like that. Why not do things during the day? That's why the ngiht was design for you to go to sleep peacefully and nto day time when day is so hot to even bother going to sleep. It's not good enough. I don't no what other countries are like in Europe if they follow the same as Spain. In Australia we close by 5pm yes a bit early. But you had all this time to have finally be buy things from 8am until 5pm and the food thing is we not aloud to skip and close the shop during the day. We do our business continuesly up jntil it's closing tme. And again why in Spain bother open the shop at 10am and then close at 1pm and then no one cares to do busienss until.late afternoon... This is a bad odd time frame to go to work... Why not go to work in a day get things done. So that once that's done you are free to do anything go out with friends... Eat.. watch tv and eat or go to bed if you wsnt but all in a sensible time frame.just not a fucked up time. Excuse my language. But I get hungry a lot and expect things to be open and on demand. You get what I mean. If nothing open during the day well what do you expect to do...go to a musium.snd the. Go to sleep again ? I don't see that a good way living. Once you sleep you sleep properly 7or 8hours..and let the day get into your system and don't do siestas... Just get things done day by day and night by night. Just don't mess your time frame just because your stuck in the Franco time frame. And Franco was friends of Adolf Hitler in Spain.

Anyhow I get the point of view by many of you.. he's Spain doesn't get day light until 7or 8am... And then the Su .doesn't go down until 9or 10pm... But the question is..well why don't you fix the time frame... I don't no..but it's just weird that's all. You can eat whenever you wish. But going to bed late shows that you lack of not.doinv productivity in your daily life during day time. Thats bad for the economy in Spain.

I do think like tapas and pinchos all that is carbage.. bits of little things. If I'm going to eat like that I go for a large plate for a.proper big meal and eat properly and not little tapas which is the same as sushi in Asia similarity.

I don't drink wine and I don't drink alcoholic drink fruit or earer.

I don't go out and est at restaurants late at night... Excuse if I eat late I end up going to sleep late and if i sleep late I end up late in the glory morning...

Anyhow it's only the time frame.i hare hare about countries.. other countries also ended to change the habit zones..rshrer more never have a time .... It's just so buzzard.. not only in Spain but many other countries are living in the wrong time zone... And if they realise thY.. why ain't they fixing it.. what are they expecting to do... They jsut just lazzyness or they so used to the wrong time that no one now bothers to change it.

In australia we like to get things done as soon as posibpos.. oncioobvi so that Wenn yohg et back home you have partly afternoon and all early night tondo anything you wish..and then go to sleep by midnight.

In austrAust we don't believe in siestas and we don't believe in stsying in bed all day long.. we call that not so productity and more been lazzyness someone who doesn't work and does the opposite things.i hope Spain and other countries world wide change that odd time frame.amd like said you have to be rain dead to let your baby and kids play on the streets late at night when more likely crime are on the spreee and thatgoes anywhere world wide with crime.thsgs why we dontaloud our baby's and kids to go outside and make noice and play around s already at night.... There are rules to do the right thing not to disturbance other naighbors and the risk who may be lurking at the streets at night...I don't. No how people think do dofdrrndtly...it's almost as if they have no idea what is right and what is wrong.

And lastly why not have this late dine out and fun for weekends... Weekdays are design for you to workmanship don't be lazzyness. Weekends can be your treat to stay up late and go to bed late and whsyevve.but I can't imagine doing that 7 days a week. When I was in Spain I got angry i wanted my food now and not at 11pm when more likely I was falling asleep by that time.

Spain is a interesting way of living I love the food there.. Australia doesn't thave much options on food selection but Spain and historical type of yummy food to choose. Also what bothers me a little is that France didn't have tradition music just like Spain does....France doesn't traditional music ? Spain has flamenco and folkloric on the Northside. But France doesn't have much to tell ? I might have to argue about France next aventually on another threat....... Specially Germany where they all seem rude to me when I went to the shop and the horrible lady sppoekd to me in German and said I don't inderunder and she kept on arguing with me at a ALDI store. Told her where so the plastic bags and she spoekd in German and never pointed out where the stupid bags are... Bad manners and bad nastyw ay ay how they all dealt with someone like me who an English person..

The end of all thanks...
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Feb 15th, 2018, 06:42 PM
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We are glad you discovered that the siesta and 10 PM dinner is a Nazi plot. Thank you. Did you know the tight pants of the bullfighters is a conspiracy by aliens to distract us from their true intentions?

Last edited by IMDonehere; Feb 15th, 2018 at 07:17 PM.
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Feb 15th, 2018, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by IMDonehere View Post
We are glad you discovered that the siesta and 10 PM is a Nazi plot. Thank you. Did you know the tight pants of the bullfighters is a conspiracy by aliens to distract us from their true intentions?
Dining and staying up so late is obviously a conspiracy by the Illuminati. Deep State. New World Order.

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Feb 15th, 2018, 08:02 PM
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It is not "the end."
The OP "might have to argue about France . . . . . . on another [threat]." Is he/she threatening to start another thread?
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Feb 15th, 2018, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Nonconformist View Post
I don't think the OP is a grown up at all. I'd be surprised if he/she was over about 13.
I can't imagine grade schools are that BAD in Australia.
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Feb 15th, 2018, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by bilboburgler View Post
...I suspect a Russian Troll ;-)
...or Dobby the Turtle.

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Feb 15th, 2018, 09:04 PM
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What Traveler_Nick said.
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