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roberto24 Jan 19th, 2014 01:40 PM

Spain itinerary
We are planning to visit our daughter who is studying in Seville in late March/early April. We have been to Seviile before and she will be seeing many nearby to places as part of her program. My thoughts are to fly to Madrid and continue to Malaga where she can meet us. We would spend 4 nights there as a base and have the opportunity to go to Grenada for the day and if the weather cooperates visit the beach (I know it won't be swimming weather yet). Then 2 nights in Seville, which would include a visit to Cordoba. Finally, 4 nights in Madrid, including a day trip to Segovia or Toledo (or both). Thoughts on this allocation of 10 nights given the distances involved? I'd like to limit the number of different hotels we go to. We're open to train or car. I recall driving in Seville was a nightmare so train for most of the legs may be the way to go (although that may limit flexibility).

PalenQ Jan 19th, 2014 02:01 PM

Sounds sound - only thing I would do if it were me would be to put a few days in Malaga - a nice town but little to do since you cannot likely swim - do Granada en route to Seville by train (check to see if Granda's train station has luggage lockers - the bus depot usually does too.

Anyway 4 days could be better spend IME in Seville than Malaga if not beaching it.

From Seville you can day trip to Jerez-de-la-Frontera and tour the famous Sherry Houses and of course taste, etc - the word sherry being a British corruption of the word Jerez - Jerez is the home of sherry - for eons a favorite with old British ladies and in Jerez you also have the practice sessions of the famous Andalusia Horse School - huge beasts being put thru their paces in an arena. Otherwise Jerez ain't much to write home about.

And there are some astounding Roman ruins just outside of Seville that makes a good day out to. Cadiz is a short train or bus ride away - a smahing seaside city with fine beaches and a nice old town.

If taking trains check these sources for oodles of great ideas - - the Spanish Railways official site -; and - discounted tickets can be had on if you book way early as they are sold in limited numbers and I believe they cannot be changed or refunded, at least without some kind of penalty so it's set in stone. For trips Madrid-Toledo; Seville-Jerez, etc those are mainly local trains with a cheap flat fare bugt on the AVE Seville to Madrid you can score deep discounts. For full flexibility to chose which trains to take once there look at the Spain Railpasses.

aliced Jan 19th, 2014 03:43 PM

Jerez de la Frontera is not interesting IMO; yes, the Tio Pepe sherry house is a pleasant way to kill a few hours, but having spent a night in the village, we wished we had gone over to Cadiz instead. The horse academy in April was not open the day we were in town, think perhaps it is open to the public couple days/week in April. And yes, if you cannot be on or near the water, perhaps Ronda? So beautiful and lots to explore on foot for perhaps two nights. Would you consider renting car upon leaving Granada and turning it in upon arrival in Seville, at which you'll revert to train transportation, perhaps meeting up w/ your daughter in Granada. Somehow think a college-aged child would have accliminated us better to the vibe of Granada. While we never made it to Toledo, April in Segovia, or as we renamed it "Snogovia" (caught a snowy day in mid-April) can be cold along with Madrid, so pack for a wide temperature variation in April. Enjoy your visit!

amer_can Jan 19th, 2014 06:10 PM

alicid..You must have been in Spain when we were..cold, snow and wind..Mid April (2 years ago, right??). Layers, layers, layers!!!And don't forget to tuck in some gloves.

kja Jan 19th, 2014 06:50 PM

"Then 2 nights in Seville, which would include a visit to Cordoba. Finally, 4 nights in Madrid, including a day trip to Segovia or Toledo (or both)."

I thought Cordoba deserved 2 full days, Madrid 4 full days not counting day trips, Segovia 1 full day, and Toledo 2 full days. Obviously, it depends on what you want to see and do. BTW, for Granada, plan on 2 nights so you have a FULL day there and visit the Alhambra during both the day AND the evening (in that order).

Good luck!

aliced Jan 20th, 2014 05:12 AM

amer_can, yes it'll be 2 yrs this April -- remember buying tights to wear under a skirt; determined to wear my sandals when everyone else was wearing their black-puffy jackets & boots! Bought wool caps in Segovia. Too funny.... just hit a cold patch in Madrid, Barcelona was warmish, down in Andalucia, very warm, Spring is unpredictable most everywhere.

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