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Herschey Mar 1st, 2006 07:53 AM

Southwest Ireland to Dublin - 5 days
I've just booked a list minute trip to Ireland. My girlfriend and I are flying into Cork, arriving 11am March 16th (Thursday). We fly out of Dublin, mid-afternoon (3:40) on the 20th (Monday).

I've spoken to a friend who has spent alot of time in the southwest. He suggested a full day traveling to either the ring of Kerry or Dingle peninsula. I think we would base ourselves out of cork for at least the first night or two. I also think we would want to hit Blarney, possibly the first day since we wouldn't have time to drive too far out from Cork (to Kerry or Dingle).

I also would like, if worthwhile, to work my way back gradually to Dublin. Something like:
Day 1 - Arrive in Cork, visit Blarney (and wherever else is possible given our arrival)
Day 2 - Ring of Kerry (or Dingle peninsula)
Day 3 - Possibly start heading east, maybe stay in Kilkenny (I'm very open on what to see or do this day. I picked Kilkenny as our base because it's on the way to Dublin).
Day 4 - Head for Dublin and tour Dublin.
Day 5 - Dublin in the morning and then leave.

Any help in how to maximize our time considering our schedule and flying into Cork and out of Dublin would be helpful. We're interested in beautiful scenery, historic sites and getting a feel for the culture (all that in a matter of 4+ days!).

Also, any recommendations on accomodations (possibly something romantic for a night or two) would be helpful.


Keenan Mar 1st, 2006 08:08 AM

Sounds fun. I would suggest that you maybe just focus on County Cork, especially West Cork such as Kinsale, Clonakilty, Baltimore, etc and leave Kerry for another time. Traveling can be very time consuming, and tiring. Also, you may want to take the train from Cork to Dublin as the fares can be pretty good if you do the RT(commuter fare) and you won't have to navigate across the country. Flying into Cork was a good idea, so focus on that beautiful region. Good luck

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