south of France VS south of Germany?

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"It's still useful to hear other people's preferences and their reasons."

How is that useful sophie4518?

If their preferences and reasons are not YOUR preferences and reasons, then their writing them was a waste of their time and even a waste of your time reading them. What you are saying is 10 people should write their preferences and then you will pick the one that sounds most interesting to you. So you want 9 people to waste their time because you are not willing to take the time to provide some criteria to show what your preference and reasons would be. There's a word for that, the word is selfish.

A travel forum like this one is a good place to get help with your travels but it isn't a one way street. You have to do your part of the job which is to provide criteria on which people with more experience can then base suggestions.

You write, "Problem is I'm taking my parents and neither of them have really traveled much, so they're not sure what they enjoy other than cheap and something different to the UK."

Pretty much anywhere in Europe is cheaper than the UK. So that doesn't narrow anything down. The same for 'different to the UK', again useless. If those are the only criteria they can come up with, HOW did you pick France and Germany? HOW did you come up with the specifics of, " South of France: Nice, Eze, Antibes, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat
South of Germany: Munich, Fussen, Garmisch partenkirchen, Bertesgaden"
Somebody picked those specific places. Who and why? It sure doesn't sound like it was your parents who came up with those lists.

How can you say your parents aren't 'sure what they enjoy'. Are they both senile? How old are you and how old are your parents? If you have a 17 year old son and I make a guess you had him when you were in your 20s, that puts you around 40s and your parents perhaps in their 60s. I'm older than 60 and I have no problem knowing what I enjoy. So I don't BUY your implication that you can't come up with criteria because your parents don't know what they enjoy. All that is, is just another way of not having to bother to figure out how to ask an intelligent question.

At this point, I can't even figure out why you asked people which of the two lists you gave, they prefer. You can't even seem to tell us why you choose those 2 lists to begin with. It certainly doesn't seem that it was because they were two lists your parents were interested in.
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A great answer that tells the OP nothing. Perfect march.
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"Pretty much anywhere in Europe is cheaper than the UK"

if only.
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This is basically a mountains vs ocean question. Also perhaps which is less crowded in July. Also it is not correct that pretty much everywhere in Europe is less expensive than the U.K.
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Bulgaria would give you seaside and mountains AND it's one of the few places that is cheaper than the UK.
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Ukraine is probably cheaper than Bulgaria, and it's still in Europe

Maybe the original poster is as unimaginative as her parents; she certainly seems as uncommunicative as she perceives them to be. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I'm afraid.
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or perhaps she's got fed up of snarky comments, tomboy.
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Bilboburgler and annhig, I wrote, "pretty much" which of course allows for exceptions. But you guys seem to think that isn't the case. Presumably, you believe many countries in Europe are more expensive than the UK, in which case, I would be interested in hearing which countries in Europe you believe are more expensive.
I notice that you both live in the UK and so are going to be biased but maybe it wouldn't hurt for you to gain some factual knowledge rather than just having opinions based on general perceptions.

For example, I currently live in Canada and can tell you that I can travel to Switzerland (which many people believe is the most expensive country in Europe) and spend 2 weeks there for the same or LESS than I can for the equivalent in airfare, hotels, transportation costs and food, than I can in the UK. Pretty much the only countries in Europe where I can't do better is in the Scandinavian countries.
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