Some of us Travel, some just pick fights

Old Jul 19th, 2001, 08:34 PM
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Some of us Travel, some just pick fights

This forum is about travel, but I doubt that many of the posters actually go anywhere, they just tune in for sport to smash anyone else who may express an informed opinion. Just search on Sandi to see what abuse I have taken in the past and what will happen if you dare to be honest in what you say.
Old Jul 19th, 2001, 09:21 PM
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I hear you girl. This forum has gone to the dogs. The webmaster should start censoring this board. And, everyone should be forced to register with Fodors website, in order to post. That would keep the trash out! Don't let the numbskulls stop you from posting genuine travel advice or questions.
Old Jul 20th, 2001, 12:11 AM
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Travel forum to the dogs?
What happened to all the travelogues?
Some posters are like hogs
Throwing monkey wrenches in Fodor's cogs.
Old Jul 20th, 2001, 04:05 AM
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Yup, HiHo has been reading Dr. Suess again! Right up his alley.

I vote for registering as well!
Old Jul 20th, 2001, 03:18 PM
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Yup, yup!!! I think all Fodorites should be required to have an identifying tatoo, or at least wear special shirts (armbands), (stars) when they go travelling so we will know who we are and have the decency to blush properly when we meet each other in some public square somewhere.
Old Jul 20th, 2001, 04:15 PM
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For your info Sandi, I've been watching your little drama unfold and it appears that you are the one who never posts travel related info. All I see are posts where you are complaining (like this one, and one I just read). You take abuse because all you do is whine, complain and accuse others of never traveling. Where are your travel posts? Feel free to check for mine. I just got fed up (no pun intended) with you complaining about everyone else. And to prempt your anticipated response, I've traveled extensively, so don't reply with your usual "you've probably never traveled farther than your bathroom" or some such nonsense.. Honestly, it appears YOU are looking for a sparring partner. Try practicing what you preach in your Heading sentence. Thats all I have to say on this subject.
Old Jul 21st, 2001, 11:02 AM
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Don't it get ya? All the people who take the trouble to respond to posts that irritate them, by saying "troll!" or "aren't you ashamed", or "weve had enough of this, cease and desist" and yet they care enough to respond...hmmmm?? they must be getting something out of it, must meet some sick need or other. Honestly, if you don't like the comments, just pass on thru and read something else. Your nasty responses get you nowhere. And surely by now you must understand that by responding you are feeding right into the poster's sick need.
Old Jul 21st, 2001, 11:33 AM
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Didn't you mean to say YOUR sick need Sandi? I mean, you are the one who not only started this post but continues it as well, are you not?
Old Jul 21st, 2001, 12:09 PM
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And some of us actually CARE about this forum.
To be honest I care a lot less than I used to. I've gotten worn out by a lot of the c*** that floats in and out of here.

You can control who comes to dinner at your own home -- in a public forum we can't control -- we can only chastise or ignore. Or go away.

And then I read about a wonderful trip someone is willing to share with us and I get ideas for MY next trip and then I care again.
Old Jul 23rd, 2001, 04:33 PM
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I agree with Sandi, you politely express an opinion and everybody jumps on you and insults you...because they think they are better than you...What happened to freedom of expression and politeness? Accept that other poeple have different opinions than you...

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