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littlejane Mar 22nd, 2006 04:13 AM

Some Lisbon comments
Just back from a weekend break in lovely Lisbon. I found tons of helpful info on fodor's site, especially Matt's suggestions on what to do in Lisbon with Lobo's comments. Thanks to you both.

As you've already covered what to do in Lisbon in so much detail I thought it might be helpful if I just stuck to comments here on our hotel / restaurant experiences.


We stayed in Le Meriden. I can't recommend this highly enough. A fab room for about EUR170 per night. 10th floor with panoramic views of the city. In a quiet area, not too far from the centre. It is up a BIG hill so may be a tough walk for some people from the city centre but taxis are really cheap.


We probably ate in very touristy restaurants. We didn't book in advance so couldn't get a few of the places we had planned to eat on Friday / Saturday night. We were there for 3 nights in total:

Night 1: Olivier

First night we ate in Olivier, where you get a tasting menu of the chef's specialities for EUR30. Couldn't believe the price and food was lovely, a number of starter courses (I'd say 9 in total) including Beef Carpaccio, Octopus Carpaccio, Foie Gras, Scallops, Pasta - yes, you get ALL of these! followed by your choice of main course - we chose pork, cooked in the oven. melt in the mouth stuff. For dessert there was a fabulous chocolate creation (I think this cost extra). Overall great value for money but you need to go prepared to be stuffed full of food.

Second night we went down to the docks area and ate in one of the restaurants on the dock itself (I know it was no.12 but can't remember the name). We had fresh fish
which was fine, nothing remarkable.

Third night - Bacchus

On the third night (Saturday) we asked the concierge at the hotel to book us a restaurant in Bairro Alto. She tried a few places and eventually booked us into Bacchus.

From the outside it looked lovely if pricey. We said "what the hell, it's our last night" and went in. Great ambience in the restaurant itself, the only drawback being that there were not very many customers (we soon discovered why)!. We both ordered meat (1 lamb, 1 beef) as a main course at around EUR25 each. The meat tasted off and the dish was very unexciting (it came with brussels sprouts, carrots and a few chips). Neither of us really ate our main course. So we thought we'd indulge in dessert even though it looked pricey at EUR16 each. We had some flambeed pancakes which were fine.

Then for the surprise! We asked for the bill and imagine our surprise when our pre-dinner drinks appeared on the menu at the staggering price of EUR31 for an orange juice and a kir (white wine with creme de cassis). Kir is usually about EUR2 more than the cost of a glass of wine in Dublin and given that a half bottle of wine on the Bacchus menu was EUR10 we had assumed the kir would be no more than EUR10. In fact they charged us EUR25 for the kir. When we were offered our pre-dinner drinks we were not given a price list but there is no way we thought they would cost as much as the main course! The whole experience literally left a nasty taste in our mouths and the place seems to be set up to rip off stupid tourists like us.

Just wanted to put this up as a warning. Don't visit Bacchus. Do visit Olivier, if tasting menus are your thing. Do wander around Bairro Alto at night stopping off for a drink in lots of tiny eclectic bars. And do visit Lisbon! It's really charming.


Sher Mar 22nd, 2006 04:43 AM

littleiane. Thank you so much for your comments on Lisbon.
It is a shame that the concierge at the hotel directed you to this awful restaurant.
There are so many lovely ones in Lisbon. Even some of the tourist places will serve good food.
It seems to me that in some hotels the staff assumes that guests would be happy with an upscale restaurant even if they do not think the food is very good.
And the great thing is that it didn't spoil your trip. I always appreciate when someone takes the time to give me good tips.

Matt_from_England Mar 24th, 2006 07:49 AM

Hello little Jane,

Do you mind if I cut and past your report and add it to the Lisbon thread, or can you repost it there? Thanks. And who knows you met get the prize for the 400th post...


lobo_mau Mar 24th, 2006 07:59 AM

Lesson to be learnt: Next time join the Lisbon Dining Club, very committed to find excellent places to eat for less than 20 euros/person (all included).
And the company is priceless ;-)

littlejane Mar 28th, 2006 03:17 AM

Not at all Matt - if you are technologically adept enough to cut and paste into the other one please do!!!


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