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Betty May 1st, 2002 06:03 PM

I will still be sightseeing the morning I leave to come home to the USA. My plane leaves at 4:15 - what is the very latest I have to be at Gatwick? I wanted to go to the Tower of London that morning (be there when they open with my ticket already in hand). Is this possible?? I just don't have another time to do it.

Rex May 1st, 2002 06:05 PM

I think that your plan is entirely sound. If in doubt, arrange for a driver - - or use cabs. Be at Gatwick by 1:30 or 2:00.<BR><BR>Best wishes,<BR><BR>Rex<BR>

betty May 1st, 2002 06:27 PM

Rex thank you! I was so in hopes it could all be worked out. so 3 hrs at the Tower is ok? I thought we would ride a taxi back to Victoria Station. One more question - is there a locker we could store our luggage in at Victoria?

janis May 1st, 2002 06:35 PM

To save a little time consider going to Victoria early in the morning and leave your bags at "left luggage". Then go to the Tower and get back to Victoria by 1 or 1:30PM, pick up your bags and jump on the Gatwick Express. Saves you a trip back to the hotel to get everything. <BR><BR>(You used to be able to check your bags for the flight at Victoria but have heard that has been discontinued. - If that service is still offered check your bags and then head to the Tower, otherwise just leave them in the station pick them up later.)

janis May 1st, 2002 06:37 PM

Betty - our posts "crossed in the mail". They do not have lockers at Victoria - but they do have "left luggage" where you pay an attendant and they hold your luggage.

Betty May 1st, 2002 06:41 PM

Janis, great minds run together! LOL. So the "left luggage" area is really safe?

maryann hensinger May 1st, 2002 06:48 PM at the tower of london when it opens and head straight to the crown jewels first...the lines get incredibly long there if you go later in the morning.

janis May 1st, 2002 06:49 PM

perfectly safe. Most rail stations and airports got rid of lockers back in the 70's because of IRA bombings and other problems. But most (not all) have luggage check rooms where you leave your bags w/ rail staff and get a ticket you need to retrieve them. They charge a small fee per bag per 24 hours.

Betty May 1st, 2002 07:01 PM

Well, that is exactly what I am going to do. I will leave my luggage, and you bet I will be one of the first ones in line. I was thinking maybe I should skip the whole thing- but now I am NOT! Thanks everyone!

top May 2nd, 2002 03:00 PM


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