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May 26th, 2006, 02:15 AM
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Maybe all those smokers should take up chewing tobacco? Imagine them spitting into paper cups on those long flights.

You know what really steams me (and remember I no longer smoke) is the news stories when someone dies of lung cancer & they put in that they were a smoker. When somebody dies of a heart attack, they don't say the deceased was an ice cream addict or if he/she died of Aids, mention how that condition came about.

It's PC to pick on smokers & the underlying message is "he died of cancer but it was his own darned fault."

I'm old enough to remember our family doctor telling my mother to take up smoking to help lose weight. Airplanes used to give you tiny little pack of cigs - I think 2 or 4 cigarettes per pack. My all-girls private high school had a smoking lounge for seniors.

I really get sick of it being soooo PC to pick on smokers while nobody dares pick on any others' vices. We ALL pay for everyone's vices one way or another so let's not get too holy.

What I really find amusing are the granola-eating, rabid anti-smokers who smoke pot.

Smokers have been herded into totally confined areas where the smoke concentration is so bad there that it is a much worse situation even for the smoker.

And at least in the States, smokers pay one heck of a lot of taxes that would have to be made up somehow if they all quit tomorrow. Msybe the liquor taxes would have to go up or how about upping the taxes on gasoline to feed those polluting cars we're all so fond of. Better yet, let's tax junk food.

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May 26th, 2006, 04:44 AM
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But Carrybean,
The point is that people who do not smoke should not be subjected to unwelcome cigarette smoke.

Smokers (and eaters) have a choice that the result of which has an adverse effect on their own health. Why should there actions have an adverse effect on others?

It's not about being PC its about being educated to the risks involved and having a choice whether you wish to be subjected to smoke or not.

I buried my mother 8 weeks ago, she died of lung disease caused by years of smoking, that was her fault, no one elses, even when she was educated to the risks involved, she chose to keep smoking.

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May 26th, 2006, 06:35 AM
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Muck - sad to hear your personal loss.

But, there are two further points I wish to make here.

First, everyone knows smoking is bad for you. Current legislation in the UK has cut down enormously on places outside your own home where you are allowed to smoke. Non-smoking places far outweigh smoking places, so those who don't like smoke can just go somewhere else. Or are those self righteous zealots saying they are so much more deserving that they demand access to any place they want to go, even if it doesn't conform to their zealot idea of perfection?

Maybe the same people only like red; or only want rap music played; or can't stand tofu. They have a choice - can't they exercise it?

So far that's all been about the individual. Now how about society? You and I pay taxes. A large percentage of those go to the Health Service. And one of the things that was used to beat smokers around the head was their cost to the NHS. That was overtaken long ago by the cost of obese people.

I'm seriously thinking of with-holding my tax payments until the govt bans all fast food outlets. Why should I pay? I mean, we are not talking about death here NOW - most of the obese are children. Now why should I pay for the problems they are going to have? And not just physically. They are so fat that they don't take any part in sport. All they do is sit in front of the TV. They will lack socialisation; they will miss all they might learn by getting out there and mixing.

I think all you smoking police should take a look at the world now. You have won the battle on smoking - now take a look at yourself, and your family, and your fellow anti-smoking policepeople, and ask how much of a burden you will be to the NHS in the future.
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May 26th, 2006, 09:29 AM
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I think with statements like these:

They are so fat that they don't take any part in sport. All they do is sit in front of the TV. They will lack socialisation; they will miss all they might learn by getting out there and mixing.

You are really showing your own severe hate or dislike and stereotyped opinions of others.

I wish you could perhaps see how people who are heavy really live and think. And at the very least see their humanity before making vast assumptions about them.

Our world is growing ever more polluted and cancer will kill 1 in 3 of us. Not all of this is attributed to obesity or smoking.

Why not focus instead on using your taxes to perhaps help people or increase health awareness or help the poor or something positive to society rather than saying that all fat people don't take part in sports, are lazy, etc.
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