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Sixteen days in Italy and made it back alive. My opinions on Pompeii.

Sixteen days in Italy and made it back alive. My opinions on Pompeii.

Jan 17th, 2000, 03:51 PM
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Sixteen days in Italy and made it back alive. My opinions on Pompeii.

Hello again intrepid travelers. As I continue my posts I am most grateful for the kind words of my fellow travelers. Thanks.
On our recent trip the only other day-trip we made from Rome was to Pompeii. I posted several times beforehand seeking advice on how to accomplish this jaunt as a day-trip. The posts, available as a search, were most helpful. This was actually fairly easy but it did make for a long day. We took the Eurostar from Rome to Naples. Again, it was a snap. The Circumvesuviana train was indeed down the big square stairs in the Naples train station and following the signs actually did get us there. The key is - GET ON THE CORRECT TRAIN! We didn't! Fortunately our error was pointed out by one of the train personel, we changed trains at a platform, somewhere, and finally got there. The second key - GET OFF AT THE CIRRECT STOP! Yup, we did, and from there it was an easy walk to the ruins. A couple of days previously we had gone thru the Roman Forum. It was interesting to imagine the buildings but a little tough. Many of the buildings consist of a few columns. But Pompeii, the whole thing is right there. What a place! You literally walk thru a city, nearly intact except for roofs, complete with worn tracks in the stone where wagons, chariots I guess, passed. This was truly an amazing experience and we were surely glad we didn't just blow it off as it was our last full day in Italy. The presence nearby of Vesuvius was a constant reminder of how Pompeii was lost. One must by humbled by that realization. We are transients as were the people of Pompeii. I'm sure they thought their lives were secure, that they would live to old age, that their children would bring them grandchildren, and that tomorrow they would again enjoy a sunset, a bottle of wine, a good meal, and the company of those they cared for. And there they sat, frozen as they thought of and took for granted those simple things. Pompeii was truly a remarkable experience. Go there.
The train trip back went well, the station was packed and vibrant, and we were tired. The next day we were homebound, but I am not as my next post will be Rome. Thanks for making this fun. Caio!
Jan 17th, 2000, 06:34 PM
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Another well done piece. I can't wait for your Rome episode. Where did you stay in Rome? Thanks for posting.
Jan 17th, 2000, 06:45 PM
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Hi there, in Rome we stayed at the hotel Due Torri. Great location near Piazza Navona, but more on that later!
Jan 20th, 2000, 10:51 AM
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Thanks for the great description of Pompeii and the area around it. I've always wanted to go and see that place and wil get my chance this Summer.

I'm looking for a hotel in Rome for June. Do you suggest one that's reasonable and still comfortable?

(I think the biggest fear my sister has is that we'll end up someplace without a bathroom of our own.)
Jan 20th, 2000, 04:18 PM
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Pompeii in summer can be a furnace; be sure to wear a hat, walk slowly, and carry along some water. From Stephens description, it hasn't changed much in 50 years, when I first saw it. We went south from central Naples, skirting the shore, passing through what had once been an industrial district. For miles and miles, we drove through nothing but rubble, hardly one brick on top of another, and heaps of rusting machinery and metal pipes. Courtesy of the U. S. Air Force in 1943.
Jan 21st, 2000, 05:24 PM
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To add to the Pompeii experience: We went to Pompeii 4 years ago and found it truly awesome! I took the opportunity to go an exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art "Pompeii, Life in a Roman Town." It was facinating! It featured hundreds of pieces from the Archeological Museum at Naples (where most artifacts from Pompeii are displayed). I was impressed all over again with the culture, art and scientific knowledge of the times. Not only was their art beautiful, but they had geological surveying equipment, surgical instruments (yikes!), glass, silver, bronze, stone objects of all types. What a treat. One of the few good things about living in southern California. This was the only US stop for the exhibit and it was jammed!

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