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jane Sep 11th, 2002 03:20 AM

Sightseeing with a week based in Lucerne
What is your favorite spot/ sightseeing and otherwise in/and around Lucerne?

xxx Sep 11th, 2002 05:37 AM

If you got good weather, then head along the lake - the Vierwaldst&auml;ttersee in German - and go toward Weggis and Brunnen. Or, make a trip to Engelberg and if you can, stay there a few days for some hiking (or take the gondola up to the Titlis mountain); and, see the cloister. <BR><BR>Am not much of a "fan" of Lucerne - it's always on tourist agendas... but it's got a nice old town, scenic lakeside when the sun shines, and a brand-new performing arts hall. Plus the transportation museum if anyone in your party likes trains.

s Sep 11th, 2002 05:49 AM

Hello jane,<BR><BR>Here is my standard response for Luzern's attractions. Some of this is a repeat of the previous post -- <BR><BR>In Luzern:<BR>The old town has many buildings, squares, & bridges to capture your imagination: Kornmarkt, Weinmarkt, Hirschenplatz, Rathaus, Jesuitenkirche, Kapellbruecke, & Spreuerbruecke. These are are very close together, within a few blocks of one another. A bit farther away are the Lion Monument and the Musegg Ramparts, the old town walls dating from the 1300s. Of course, there are many more sights and museums, but these are the ones that grabbed me.<BR><BR>Out of town:<BR>Of course, a ferry ride on the lake is a pure spectacular delight, and they can range from a two-hour tour of the upper lake or an all-day trip to Fluelen. There are many small towns and villages around the lake where you can interrupt your jouney for a leisurely walk through town or a long walk along the lake. Some towns that are calling me back are Weggis, Vitznau, & Brunnen. There is also the Rutli Meadow, where the Swiss federation was first formed in 1291. Check the boat schedules & options at See these towns at,, & <BR><BR>You can also combine a ferry trip with a mountain excursion. Take the boat to Vitznau, then the rack-railway to Rigi; the trip takes about 1.3 hours. You can also get to a lower slope on Rigi via Weggis, and connect to the rack railway to the summit. Another mountain excursion is to Mt. Pilatus, south of Luzern; this trip takes about an hour. Finally, there is the excursion to Mt. Titlis and Engelberg. In addition to being the start point for the cable car to Titlis, Engelberg has a fabulous Benedictine monastery. The train to Engelberg takes about an hour. The websites are:,, &, and<BR><BR><BR>Far Away:<BR>Golden Pass train to Montreux (about four hours, take the quicker route via Lausanne for the return), Interlaken (about two hours), Wengen (less than three hours), & Bern (less than two hours).<BR><BR>You can check out train schedules & fares at<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR><BR>s

richard j vicek Sep 11th, 2002 06:14 AM

Good morning, Jane Agree with Swandav,<BR>Luzern is a perfect hub for sightseeing<BR>in CH, it has the mountains, lakes and<BR>valleys are within reasonable rail or<BR>boat journeys. The only addition to Luzern for me would be the Swiss Transport Museum of which was very<BR>well done and interesting.<BR>Richard of LaGrange Park, Il..<BR>PS there are casinos in Weggis and Luzern, should you be of interest...<BR>Richard of LaGrange Park, Il..

jw Oct 6th, 2002 06:31 AM

Consider Altdorf just below the southern tip of the lake. Beautiful little town. Or a train ride to Sherlock Holmes country via the Brunig Pass? J.

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