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roxanne Feb 25th, 2000 04:41 PM

Sienna dilemma
<BR>Between Rome and Venice my friends and I were planning to spend 4 days or so in Florence, with a day trip or two into Tuscany. Now, a friend has suggested we use Sienna as a home base because its cheaper and has a better nightlife. Is this a good idea? Should we take the train to Sienna from Rome? Will we be missing much if we're only going into Florence two days? Can anyone recommend a good, less-expensve hotel, preferably where the four of us can share a room?

Dave Feb 25th, 2000 09:06 PM

I'd listen to your friend if he/she has experienced Toscana before. If not, I'd vote for Florence TOTALLY. Bigger town, more to do, easier transport, etc. You can still get some lower cost places to stay near Piazza Novella (train station area). Wish I could recommend. In '79 I stayed 2 months at La Poggerina outside Figline Valdarno, south of Florence. It's a combo art school/monastery. If they're still open (at Ponte agli Stolle), they'd probably let you stay for very low cost, certainly big enough. To find out, contact Univ. of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Program back then was through the art dep't. We used to hitchhike to Figline, then catch the train to Florence. If room cost is crucial, that's my thought.

roxanne Feb 25th, 2000 09:08 PM

<BR>Please forgive the awful <BR>misspell!

Denise Feb 26th, 2000 06:30 AM

I just got done reserving a room for my daughter and her friend in Florence, who are on a budget (less than $100,00 a night). Try the Hotel Casci, Hotel Belletini (may be booked), Hotel Nuova Italia, Pension Alessandra and Hotel Mario's. <BR>[email protected] <BR>[email protected] <BR>Do a search for Casci, Belletini and Mario's. They are on the web. Also, Alessandra has a nice internet site to check out. All were very helpful and obliging. <BR>Last time I was in Florence are, we stayed outside in Montecatini. It was a nice change from the hustle and bustle of Florence, and it was only 40 min. by <BR>train. We stayed the last night in Florence at the Hotel Loggiato di Serveti to get a real feeling of Florence. A very old hotel that was beautiful. I am glad we did that. I think whatever you decide you will be happy with. This year, we have 3 days in Florence and we are staying in Florence, but taking a day trip to Sienna, which everyone says is a must see. As long as you have easy access to a train, don't worry about missing anything in Florence. Trains run pretty much all day. I am unsure, but I think the night time is where you have to plan not to leave Florence late, so you don't miss a train back. But check that with other people. <BR>Denise

Patrick Feb 26th, 2000 07:24 AM

It's all what you want. I personally would never stay at a place that is "only 40 minutes away" because I like being in the middle of things during the evening and night. While Florence is spectacular it is all tourists, day and night. Sienna is lots of tourists, but real Italians at night, when the tourists leave. My choice would be to stay in Sienna, do the day trips to Florence and be in Sienna at night when you can feel that are part of a real Italian town, not just another tourist. And while there are far fewer hotels in Sienna, you will certainly get more for your money, especially in the budget category. But sorry, I don't have any specific recommendations.

Beth Feb 26th, 2000 08:04 AM

I'd stay in Florence. For one thing, many of the sights are so crowded that you may want to be able to get to them first thing in the morning, or go to the museums (like the Uffizi which is open quite late) late in the day. Also, Siena is not on the direct train line from Rome, whereas Florence is. I believe you need to take a bus between Siena and Florence, and it will take about an hour. Although I can't say I did much clubbing or nightlife in Italy, I would be very surprised to find that Siena has more nightlife than Florence. <BR> <BR>Do a search through this forum. I know the subject of inexpensive hotels in FLorence has come up before, and I think you will find you have some good choices.

roxanne Feb 26th, 2000 09:04 AM

<BR>Thank you all for your suggestions. Patrick, I think you understand what I want.Anymore help would be appreciated.

Pat Mar 3rd, 2000 06:22 PM

We just got back from our latest trip to Italy and stayed 5 days in Siena (we have friends there). We sayed at Hotel Cannon D'Oro. Nice,clean, 130,00L and about 3 minutes from the Compo. Siena is a lovely town but did not seem to have a big night life. Florence in January was crowds and I am sure they have more night life because of all the students. If you need any more help, feel free to E-maill me.

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