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4carolina Mar 1st, 2015 08:59 PM

SICILY:The Second Time Around in 22Days for 55th Anniversary !!!
With wonderful impulsivity ,as survivors of a recent move from our beloved row house to an apartment,we have decided to realize a long-held dream and give ourselves a slow trip through Sicily,visiting all the places we did not visit last time,ten years ago,and lingering…..yes lingering,where we want to spend more time !!Miraculously,we were able to snag a R/T to Rome using miles,just a few days ago and I need to move quickly to secure accommodations.What follows is our approximate itinerary,wide open for adjustments.The pressure is on to secure lodgings,and I have already had great luck in getting us 5 nights at Forestiere in Menfi.Such luck !! I anticipate a greater challenge with other reservations and ask for your suggestions/inspired ideas:
13 APRIL: Arrive Rome;pick up car and drive to Orvieto for 2-3 nights.Hotel Duomo;Palazzo Piccolomini or…..??? Hotels;restaurants??
15 APRIL: Depart Orvieto for Misia..or??? for 2 days enroute to ARGENTARIO via Pitigliano;Manciano;Magliano.Two or 3 nights Orbetello or other.
19 APRIL:Depart Rome to either Palermo or Trapani.Will secure this flight tomorrow.Trapani would be ideal.We will pick up rental car and head for Scopello and the Zingaro nature reserve and gorgeous views,staying 2 nights at Pensione Trancini,I hope.If not…???
21 APRIL:Depart SCOPELLO;leave car in Trapani and ferry to Favignano for over-night.
22 APRIL: Return to Trapani and proceed to Menfi and la Forestiere for 5 nights
27 APRIL: Drive to MODICA for 3 nights.Stay????
30 APRIL: SIRACUSA/ORTIGIA for 5 nights:meeting up with our son for 3 or 4 days of wineries,good food;coastal villages;Stay …..???Suggestions?
5 MAY : Drive to Catania for flight to Rome and home.
We will spend our days exploring with Michelin in hand, and so appreciate your suggestions of places off the beaten track;restaurants and experiences you wished you'd had time for,or would like to do again.

4carolina Mar 2nd, 2015 06:17 PM

We have booked Pensione Trancini in Scopello. !!While at la Forestiere,we would appreciate suggestions for coastal restaurants;cooking classes and wine tours.Tomorrow i work on Ortigia hotels,and wonder if anyone has rented an apartment there?

Leely2 Mar 2nd, 2015 09:33 PM

I loved Casa Talia in Modica, but be aware Modica is all up and down stairs. Casa Talia is on one hill; you will need to walk down to the main drag and then you will want to see sights up on the other side of the main street too--all up.

4carolina Mar 3rd, 2015 03:25 AM

I DO NOT KNOW HOW my request for itinerary critiques got filed under "trip reports"…..HOW do I refile it so it appears as a request for review by members??????????HELP !!!!!!
Leeley,thank you for reminding me to check out Cssa Talia.I will do that today.Any Ortigia suggestions????

annhig Mar 3rd, 2015 03:48 AM

carolina - hit the yellow triangle to get the attention of the moderators and ask them to remove the Trip report icon.

4carolina Mar 3rd, 2015 05:26 AM

Thank you,annhig.I have heeded your advise and requested moderator to shift to topic listing.We are so eager for suggestions about day trips/restaurants while at la Foresiere.Today I tackle accommodations in Ortigia !!

4carolina Mar 3rd, 2015 09:25 AM

Uh Oh…..I have heeded your ADVICE...annhig!!!Having difficulty with reservations in Ortigia,and am waiting on a possible opening at Hotel Gutkowski.La via della Giudecca is filled.Other suggestions??We need a room for 5 nights,and then for our son for 3 nights...

annhig Mar 3rd, 2015 10:55 AM


sorry I can't help with your other problems as we still have Sicily on our "to do" list, but we've achieved something.

good luck with your accommodation search.

Leely2 Mar 3rd, 2015 11:22 AM

I stayed at Palazzo del Sale on Ortigia and liked it very much, but someone else here stayed more recently and posted the wifi reception was poor and too many stairs. I don't remember the wifi issue and when I visited there were only two other rooms booked so we were all on the 1st (Italian) floor--minimal stair climbing.

Not on the water, so minimal views. Excellent staff, lovely decor.

Leely2 Mar 3rd, 2015 11:24 AM

4carolina, Palazzo del Sale is more of a B & B than hotel, though, so that may not work for your 55th anniversary.

bon_voyage Mar 3rd, 2015 03:40 PM

We stayed at the Algila Charme on Ortigia in June 2010. There were some minuses (you can click on my name for my 2010 trip report for more detail) but overall I'd say it's definitely worth checking out. The rooms are all different so it would be critical to get one of sufficient size and a view of something you'd want to look at.

kja Mar 3rd, 2015 06:27 PM

I was pleased the L'Approdo delle Sirene in Ortygia:

I trust you are aware that you are skipping two of Sicily's most magnificent highlights -- the cathedral in Monreale and the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina. To each his/her own! :-)

4carolina Mar 4th, 2015 07:47 AM

Hi kja
On our first trip to Sicily,10 years ago,we visited and spent hours in Monreale and Villa Romana,and have vivid memories of both.We also spent a day at Agrigento.This time,we are focusing on places we did not get to 10 years ago.I appreciate the lodging sugggestions and will follow through today.Has anyone stayed at the Gutkowski recently??

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