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HFTraveller May 14th, 2017 06:41 AM

Shopping - Womens size 46
I have been to Milan several times but each time had difficulty finding professional ladies clothes in size 46, and ladies shoes size 43.
I'll appreciate any suggestions on shops that carry these sizes.

Thank you

frencharmoire May 14th, 2017 07:00 AM

The phrase you want is "taglie forti" and if you do a google search for that plus the words "donne" and Milano, then Google will give you possibilities. The fashion label, Maria Rinaldi is for larger sizes, but the clothes are pricey.

The shoe store Ghigocalzature in Viale Tunisia in Milan (near the train station) sells shoes up to size 46. If you want more choices, search google for "scarpe donne taglie forti".

If you are unhappy with the choices in Milano, consider taking a trip to a neighboring town like Bologna or Verona, both of which are good shopping towns and often more affordable. The small town of Vigevano near Milano is a shoe shopping center.

A lot is written online in English about the outlets reachable from Milano. You might try those. Good luck!

quokka May 14th, 2017 08:03 AM

Take into consideration that size 46 in Italy equals 42 in northern and central Europe.

WeisserTee May 14th, 2017 09:51 AM

I can give you one specific recommendation: Nadia Corti.
Corso Garibaldi, 64.

Last year, several friends and I went down to Milan in September for Fashion Week. Nadia's store was a few doors from our hotel (in a wonderful residential neighborhood near the Brera district) and we all ended up buying some wonderful clothes designed and made by Nadia herself and her daughter. She does carry size 46 and even 48 and 50 (Italian) from what I remember when browsing through the racks. Her prices are moderate (think mid-range Nordstrom prices). Nadia, her daughter and her staff are absolutely lovely to deal with.

We've all worn our outfits to work and have gotten many compliments from colleagues -- a few have become NC customers themselves.

bvlenci May 14th, 2017 11:49 AM

Italian size 46 is the smallest of the "tagli forti", and you'll find a good selection of that size, and also a smaller selection of size 48, in normal shops. I've even seen size 50s in normal shops, but they're scarce.

Size 46 is supposed to be a US size 10, which was never considered a large size when I lived in the US. I know there's been size creep over the years, but I find it hard to imagine that size 10 is sold in specialty "large size" shops

janisj May 14th, 2017 11:59 AM

>>Size 46 is supposed to be a US size 10,<<

Depending on the designer more like a 14 to 16 (still not a plus size)

HFTraveller May 14th, 2017 02:06 PM

Thank you very much for your assistance. While I am not "Twiggy", by no means can I be described to be "plus" sized.

In America, I'm a size 12/14, depending on design, but despite several trips to Milan, I have fewer than 10 outfits purchased from Italy, and I'm not seeking couture!

At any rate, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have better luck this time.

And, yes, we will take a day trip to Verona, so I'll look there also.

Thank you!

bvlenci May 15th, 2017 09:10 AM

<i> >>Size 46 is supposed to be a US size 10,<<

Depending on the designer more like a 14 to 16 (still not a plus size) </i>

You must be thinking of a different size 46, maybe the French one. The Italian 46 is definitely not a 14 or 16.

MyriamC May 15th, 2017 09:22 AM

Belgium France/Spain UK US Italy Germany/Netherands
32 34 6 4 38 32
34 36 8 6 40 34
36 38 10 8 42 36
38 40 12 10 44 38
40 42 14 12 46 40
42 44 16 14 48 42
44 46 18 16 50 44
46 48 20 18 52 46
48 50 22 20 54 48

MyriamC May 15th, 2017 09:25 AM

Oops ... comes out a bit garbled.
Here's the website. It's in Dutch but you can see the figures. (I deleted the column Japan and sizes in Germany are also valid for the Netherlands).

bvlenci May 15th, 2017 09:37 AM

This is the chart I generally use:

The correspondences are never exact, so the 46 might be somewhere between a 10 and a 12. But I know for sure it's not a 14 or 16. I live in Italy and a 46 is usually too small for me.

bvlenci May 15th, 2017 10:06 AM

HFTraveller, you'd want a size 48 or 50, and you'd get a better selection in a shop that specializes in larger sizes. Many regular shops have a sign saying "tagli forti" and they will carry sizes at least through 50.

Christina May 15th, 2017 10:21 AM

huh, that chart seems a little off to me, but it can definitely vary by brand, and even particular garment within a brand. I'm a size 10 in the US and can sometimes wear less than a 42 in France, for example. And I always thought UK was just one size off from the US not 2.

In the US, actually size 16 is considered plus size often, many plus-size depts and stores start at size 16, like Lane Bryant. But size 16 isn't the same as size 1X, which I think is at least more like a size 18, so depends what one thinks plus size means. If you lok at some stores online plus size sections, they can start at 14 (like Bloomingdales).

THis chart is more like what I've experienced, I think. It says a 46 Italian is similar to a US 12.

OReilly May 15th, 2017 10:33 AM

Also, I don't think its just a matter of translation of size, it also has to do with 'body shape', how the garments are cut and individual designers. European garments are cut differently to those in the US.

A newspaper in the UK had a size 16-18 (UK size) woman visit some of the high street and designer shops in London, and the results were shocking. Some of the high-street shops had a small range of pieces in her size, but generally the fit was awful - too tight in some areas of the body and too voluminous in others. As far as the designer labels, forget about it - if you are not a skinning minnie (UK size 6-10 with NO breasts), there was nothing at all to fit her.

Considering the average size of a woman in the UK is 14-16, this is bizarre.

>you'd get a better selection in a shop that specializes in larger sizes<

I agree. Again, its the cut of the garment that is different. As as ex-sewer of her own suits: You can't just increase the size of a pattern from an 8 to 18 and hope it will fit.

frencharmoire May 15th, 2017 12:51 PM

taglie forti

Agree about garment cut and prevalent local body shape. Blouse shopping in italy is a particularly challenge for me since it appears Italian women generally have narrower shoulder span, no matter what they might weigh. I can buy skirts and trousers "off the chart", but blouses require more hunting and experimenting.

2016adventurer May 15th, 2017 01:26 PM

I am a healthy size 14 in the US and I was able to buy a few pieces at Luisa Spagnoli:

Leely2 May 15th, 2017 01:33 PM

Agree 100% with frencharmoire. I can never seem to find clothes in Italy. I am thin, but tall, and most Italian clothes seem to be cut not just for thin women but for those with small/petite frames.

I think 16 is considered plus size in the US. Surprised to hear otherwise.

bvlenci May 15th, 2017 02:05 PM

I don't have much trouble finding clothing in Italy. Shoes are my real problem. There are a number of European brands that fit me just fine, and that I used to buy when I lived in the US: Ecco, Mephisto, and Josef Seibel, for example . But they're very hard to find where I live, in Le Marche, Italy's biggest shoe manufacturing region. Shops here usually carry nothing but Italian labels, and they're just not made for my feet.

northie May 16th, 2017 02:19 AM

bvlenci- I think Italy and Spain send their large size shoes to US and Australia . I find it hard to get size 42 there. Most of my shoes are Italian but purchased in Australia.

US dress sizes - we find a size 10 is a size 12 in Australia whereas UK sizes are smaller than ours .

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