Shopping for crystal in Prague

Apr 28th, 1998, 05:05 AM
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Shopping for crystal in Prague

We'll be in Prague next week. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions regarding the best places to buy crystal in Prague. Has anyone shipped it back to the States ?? Did it arrive in one piece ? Any other suggestions regarding dining/activities, etc in Prague would also be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance ! Liz
Apr 28th, 1998, 11:25 AM
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When we were in Prague, one of the US students studying there told us to buy at one of the two larger department stores--the crystal is good quality & a better buy. Shipping is somewhat expensive. Nothing was broken. You might also look for garnet jewelry, especially if you have a friend or relative born in January. Very nice & not too expensive. The cafe where the dissidents met was opened after we left. I think it is a little trendier than when they were there. We had good luck at all the places we ate. Try kolaces (sweet snack).
Apr 28th, 1998, 12:46 PM
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I have been corresponding with someone who posted an entry on Prague some time back. She was there for 10 days so I figured she had had time to check things out thoroughly. She has emailed some good suggestions. I'll try to pass along a few. Her guide recommended Moser for glass. For garnet jewelry, she say Granat Turnov on Diouha has the best prices but less selection than Zlatnictvi on Na Musiku 4, which has more interesting designs but also higher prices. Both shops are about 5 min. apart and close to Old Town Square. On restaurants, she says they used the recommendations in the Prague Post in the "inexpensive category" and found them to be very good. Two places she recommended highly were Chez Marcel and U Patrona. The U Patrona is expensive and you will need to make reservations, but she says this was one of the best meals she's ever had. Prague Post has a website. Do a search for Prague Post. You'll probably find it. When do you leave? I'll be back home by June 16th and will be glad to give you my impressions of this city then.

Apr 28th, 1998, 03:29 PM
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Moser is the finest crystal sold in Prague and one of the finest in the world. It is also staggeringly expensive, even in Prague. My candid advice,having bought lots of crystal and glass there as well as in Poland, is to do your homework here first. My impression has often been that it is cheaper to buy Czech crystal at Marshalls or any number of discount stores in the US than it is in Prague. Also check out the prices for Moser over here. You may go to a lot of effort not to save much, if anything. The only exception is if you see something very unusual that you are not likely to find over here. Crystal chandeliers seem to be true bargains in Prague, if you are in the market for one of those.
Apr 28th, 1998, 06:42 PM
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My friends who lived in Prague for four years bought crystal from a store called Sklo Bohemia. (I'm pretty sure Sklo means glass.) I'm sorry I don't know where the shop was, but I did get my mother a crystal bowl there. It was inexpensive and lovely.

Try to find a restaurant on the hill overlooking the lights of the castle. It is pronounced /neb" oo zee' zek/ -- don't know how to spell it. It's a very romantic atmosphere, and the views are incredible. I think you can take a fenicular up to the restaurant.

Prague is the most amazing city I've seen. I loved it. Try to find a book that walks you through the old town. It's a wonderful place! And whatever you do, don't stay right in Wenceslas Square -- it has gotten very touristy. Find more out-of-the-way places to shop and eat. You'll experience more of the real Prague. Enjoy!
Apr 29th, 1998, 04:25 AM
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Thank you all so much for your quick responses ! I leave next week, May 7th. I will definitely do my homework here on Moser crystal prices. My crystal shopping has been limited to Hungarian crystal. I've always found the prices in Hungary to be far better than the prices in the U.S. I never knew Prague was known for its garnets !! Thanks for the advise on the restaurants. I think finding the web page for the Prague Post is an excellent idea -- it never crossed my mind ! I'll be back on May 20th if anyone wants my impressions ! Thanks again.

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