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Hi Neil, after I saw your post I clicked on the name. Did you see my post on that thread?

IMHO I think that you are absolutely correct. Oh well, live and learn!

Take good care.
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I saw it loveitaly, and I think there are two others, about being 25 going to Paris or elsewhere.
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Mimi, that is interesting! Oh well, maybe some other young traveler will have least picked up some good tips about first time travel.
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LOL, but gee, you guys are funny! And so positive. And Janis, I tried to help you understand, but my dear, you have to bring something to the party. Oh, my goodness, the fodors psychophants. Yes, despite the gush about that one star, the lobby was full of hairdressers from the NE, quite a strange bunch, with weirdly dressed wives who were busy yapping about kids and pooches, all with the weirdest names, but for some very strange reason, there didn't seem to be a decent haircut among them. Lots of over-stressed hair with broken ends. No skirts either, so they must have been hiding something. Everyone with multiple pradas urban backpacks strapped across what appeared to be their chests, full of research no doubt. My goodness but the six of us beat a hasty retreat, across the river. Luck was with us. To this day, a dilemma ... was it the hotel or the clientelle? The place did seem threadbare and tired.

I have what I need for the UK trip, so thanks to the nice folks who posted. It is a legit trip, regardless of what this nattering pack of naysayers says. I imagine Fodors will be interested.
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Thanks Joe/TravelLaughter. If you will recall, you recommended that hotel to me in our "better days"!

Oh...and I have this terrible habit of taking email received from my kids and friends and saving it to individual files under their names so I can keep track of who has told me what and what I've already told them about so I don't repeat myself. I'm sure you will be delighted to hear that I still have yours from the era when we were friends, emailing almost daily. looking back through it, as I too know you aren't an annual visitor to Paris, or anything close to that, I came across your response to me in '03 when I told you our paths could cross in Paris as I was going at Christmas too, and you'd been writing on Fodors about your upcoming trip over that same Christmas. Quick as a bunny you wrote back that you had canceled your trip. In '01 you wrote about going...and that between SA and Paris you were going to have to head back to the gym. Recall? The New Years Eve trip? That was the last time...if in fact even that trip was for real. Having seen your postings since, I can no longer believe a thing you've told me either during the period we were all friends and certainly not since.

I don't understand why you do this? It makes virtually everything you say unbelievable! You mislead/lie about things where there is no need...such as your sex (when you write using a girl's name as your screen name), or that totally fabricated tale of living in Tampa and moving to a condo in Seminole. Why?

At least those are harmless. Many more are not. They mislead people who believe what you've written. As one poster put it, you are the most dangerous sort of troll as you are detailed enough to sound as if you know what you are talking about, when likely as not, it is either a complete or partial fabrication, intended either to belittle someone (or something enjoyed by one of your former friends), one of your favorite reasons for posting, or enhance your own image with exaggerated claims of extravagant travel. I know where you stay here and in Savannah, and extravagant you are not.

Why not a trip report on this latest Paris trip--every report is interesting. I already saw your list of restaurants...same ones from the '01 trip, but nothing wrong with that. You posted about the 3 and 4* hotels this time, moving from one across the street to the other...but no names, only the St. Honoree/Place Vendome location, despite people asking you to be more specific. I see one 3 or 4*, don't recall which now, on that street in that area.

Did you decide to go to work on the weekend or did you finally get a PC? Enjoy, but don't let us see you around all the time or you'll find those jabs about nothing better to do but post all day and night coming right back at your glass house!
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Am I correct in assuming that this demented person actually de-registered the name TravelLaughter yesterday so that there would be no way to click on the name and see all his posts which completely contradict each other? And then apparently returned today and re-registered the same name so he could start all this nonsense over again?

Some of you, like OO obviously have had more personal contact with this individual. I have not. All I can tell is how deranged the rantings and ramblings are.

And if in fact this person did a recent trip to Paris eating at the same restaurants as the last trip, all in the 7th even though he stayed in the St. Honore area (why would anyone do that?), it must have been a boring trip, because every day while he was supposedly there in Paris, he was also busy here posting more and more nonsense. He went to Paris and spent his time posting insults on Fodors? How sad!
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