SF40 solo European birthday trip?

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SF40 solo European birthday trip?

For my upcoming 40th birthday, I'm considering a solo trip to somewhere in Europe (haven't ruled out anywhere else, though). I'm freaking about the big 4-0 and the fact that I'm alone (but those problems are for a different message board LOL) and don't want to be home on that day. My question - has anyone taken a solo trip for the big birthday? Will I be even more depressed being alone for it in a foreign land? Or can someone inspire me with a wonderful experience you've had? Thanks! p.s. I often travel solo and love it, it's just the birthday part that I'm worried about.
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Dear SF40:
Don't sweat the 40 or the 50 or the 60 etc. If you are lucky there will be many more to come, and each year will be better than the last. That said, a trip to Europe will certainly take your mind off the birthday blues--so much to do and so different from the usual home enviornment you will be diverted from your concerns.

Did a solo trip for a not "round" birthday two years ago-just happened to be in London on the day, not really planned to be abroad. I was a bit in the dumps about being away from home and husband, but deceided to make it an "event" for myself. Made a reservation at a good restaurant and told them it was my birthday (something I never do) and that I wanted to treat myself. They made the evening especially nice and got a glass on champage on the house, too! That afternoon before dinner, I treated myself to a haircut and manicure at a salon and bought some nice perfume as a gift for myself at a shop on Jermyn Street-tried a scent I nornally would not have bought. Made myself a wonderful birthday and every time I use the perfume I think of my "Alone In London" birthday.

Creating good memories always chases away the blues..go ahead a make some for yourself!!

Judy in Germany
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Thanks Judy, just the inspiration I need! Great ideas about treating yourself at the salon, gifts etc! : )
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Last January, I snagged a "Birthday Special" rate at the five-star Hotel Sacher Salzburg (used to be the Oesterreischerhof) from the Leading Hotels of the World website, not knowing whether the requisite "Birthday" for the promotion was the hotel's, the city's, Mozart's or my own. I was traveling in January, and the city celebrates Mozart's January birthday late in the month; my own birthday is the 15th of January. I decided I didn't care and took the rate.

I got a suite (!!!!) with views over the river, one dinner in the restaurant, a nice-sized Sacher Torte cake in the room, and a guided tour of the city; and I paid something like $150/night.

When I checked in, the hotel owner called my suite and asked how I liked it. Then she asked me when my birthday is. I told her, she wished me a happy birthday and a wonderful stay, and that was it!

Yes, I admit, I felt a little uneasy sitting at the elegant restaurant eating the fine meal by myself -- for about five seconds!! The champagne took the edge off quickly.

I spent the week checking out Austrian ski towns and walking the trails in the hills around Salzburg. It was beautiful.

Remember that living well is the best revenge!

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Dear Swan, LOL I share a birthday with a famous composer too, maybe I ought to check out his town for a special! Wasnt sure what kind of responses Id get to my post, but these two really made me smile and think positive! And funny, you both mention champagne : )
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