Seville Hotels or Nice B&B

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Seville Hotels or Nice B&B

Just to note upfront, I have already read almost all of the past threads on Spain and Seville and received many good recommendations and tips for Seville. But I was just wondering if any of you have been there recently and have some new recs or advice.

I am going to be staying with my daughter for two weeks, first in Rome for 8 nights (already have my apartment in Trastevere), but since I have seen most of Rome already, we have decided to take a little side jaunt to Seville and surrounding areas--4 or 5 nights only--then back to Rome for the last couple of nights. So, just hoping for some last-minute and up-to-date hotel recommendation in Seville (reasonable--less than 100 euros/night if possible).

Also, what would be a nice day trip from Seville?--Granada? Cordoba? Would you recommending spending at least one night in one of those towns, and if so you remember a nice hotel?

Thanks in advance for any tips. I promise a trip report and pesonal rants and raves when I return!!
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just curious... how are you getting from Rome to Seville?
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I haven't been there for a couple years, but I stayed at the Amadeus which I think is a good quality B&B. A lot of people seem to like it.

As for day trips, I went to both Cordova and Jerez from Seville on day trips, and both are very enjoyable. I'd mention Cordova as top choice, of course.

I think mentions of trips to Granada from Seville have been discussed now and again in prior threads, you probably have read some of them if you've read all prior threads in this matter. Basically, Granada is too far from Seville for a reasonable day trip -- it's about 3 hrs travel each way. HEre is a good one to review on that subject

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We are flying on Vuering Airlines for about 150 euros each, round trip.Christina thanks for that info and the very helpful link with info from Maribel about buses and trains. This is good to know. I had no idea it was a 3-hour trip!

If you had to choose between Granda and Cordoba or any other place from Seville--would you have a preference? Since this is such a short trip (and since I am so old and creaky), I'm trying to keep things as simple and manageable as possible.

Thanks again for all the info.

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Hi MissJane. I'm currently planning a trip to Spain and finding it a daunting task to find decent hotels in the price range you are looking at. Don't know if this appeals to you or not since you will have already stayed in an apartment in Italy, but I have used (and plan to use again for an upcoming trip) as a resource for apartment rental. We stayed in the Arfe apartments on our last trip, which were very pretty, extremely reasonable and very conveniently located (a stone's throw from the Cathedral, yet outside of the Santa Cruz zone that many tourists stay in.) That same web page has links to recommended hotels as well. Other than that, I have also heard nice comments about Amadeus.

Here's a link to a woman who does walking tours of Sevilla. I really enjoyed the Walking Tour (great overview of the city and history) and the Alcazar Tour.

Also, if you haven't already downloaded Maribel's Guide to Sevilla, it is -- of course -- very helpful.
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I would choose Granada to Cordoba. Recommend pre buyimg tickets for Alhambra.
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Molloy, that sevilla5 website is gorgeous, and every apartment and hotel on it is beautifully photographed and presented. Even the "cheapest" apartments and hotels looked very attractive, clean, and comfortable. I have sent them a request form and waiting to hear back this morning.

BTW, after looking at so many pictures of Rome while searching for an apartment, my first impression of Seville is that it is the cleanest, best organized, most beautiful city in the world! It seems that there are little plazas or parks on every block, clean streets and buildings (no grafitti or garbage). The city almost looks fake it is so pristine and lovely.

Can't wait to be there, eating tapas and enjoying some flamenco. Thanks again for that link--just perfect!
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You are so very welcome. Their hotel recos are also very good, well organized, well photographed (with pics of the surrounding area too, which I love). Such a great site and easy to use as you compare different places.

Just today I ran across another site with a good list of apartments in Sevilla. The link to private apartments is

No idea if they are as reliable as Sevilla5, but they do seem to have some nice little places in the Santa Cruz area. Good maps too.

Let us know what you end up with and we can compare notes. We are looking at Arfe from Sevilla5 (you have to promise not to rent that last available apt if you are there at the end of Sept!) and Mariano de Cavia. We're still not sure how many we've got in our gang (3-5) and we'd like to stay nearby if we can't all get in the same building, so it's a little hard to plan! I thought some of these from the Sol website looked interesting: Casa de las Flores, Casa de Barbero (a whole house that looks like it can break down in a variety of combos), and Casa Dona Teresa (probably too big for your needs.)

One more random thought. La Taberna del Alabardero was a wonderful experience and tremendous value for a great mid-day meal. It's listed in Maribel's guide to Sevilla, p. 15.

Happy planning!
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I would go to Granada (3 hour train from Sevilla) and stay at least one night, otherwise you won't have enough time for the Alhambra. Hesperia in Granada is a nice hotel, comparable to a Marriott in the U.S.

Get your Alhambra tickets several weeks in advance.

We just returned. It was wonderful!
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another vote from the Hotel Amadeus in Seville. Wonderful location, less than 5 minute walk to the cathedral. it's set in the jewish quarter, and the turkish hamman (baths) are less than 2 blocks away.
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DEfinitely stay in the Barrio Santa Cruz so you can be walkable to everything and enjoy the quaint streets and hidden plazas. Amadeus is in a good location, and Hotel Murillo also super. We stayed at Puerta de Sevilla, which was about 86 euros/for 2. Ask for a room to the side of the building. Advantage to this hotel was its wonderful proximinity to the lovely, lovely Murillo Gardens and numerous good restaurants. Cafe Indias good for a cheap breakfast with fresh orange juice, or sandwiches "to go." (para llevar). Your impression of Sevilla is just what I came away with--incredibly clean, well-kept, lovely. If you stay in Barrio Santa Cruz, you won't even have to deal with car noises, which is so different from many other big cities.
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