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Jerry Dec 4th, 2001 04:05 PM

Sevilla vs. San Sebastian
I am going to be honeymooning in Spain next September for 2 1/2 weeks. I am deciding between two routes.<BR><BR>1. Fly into Barcelona head to San Sebastian, Barcelona, Ibiza (my fiance wants to party).<BR><BR>2. FLy into Madrid, Sevilla (and areas around), Barcelona, Madrid.<BR><BR>These are general guidelines but it is my impression that I will not be able to do BOTH San Sebastian & Seville.<BR><BR>Please advise!!!

John G Dec 4th, 2001 08:30 PM

Well, Jerry, there is really no reason to go to both San Sebastian and Ibiza because both are resort destinations. I absolutely hate Ibiza, but maybe you would like it if you are under 25 and like to party for a week straight without any sleep. I, personally, like San Sebastian over Seville because it is so relaxing and will break up your trip of siteseeing. (However, if I had my way, I would go farther up the coast into France and stay in Biarritz; it is so much more intimate.) But, as someone who has been there, done that, I would suggest San Sebastian, Madrid, and Barcelona. Skip the party scene in Ibiza, it is no place for honeymooners.

cova Dec 5th, 2001 12:52 AM

Hi Jerry,<BR>first of all, I wouldn´t call San Sebastian a resort. It´s a nice town, with a beautiful beach, but it is completely different to places like Ibiza or the true resorts in Costa del Sol. Check it in <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Having said that, I´d agree with John. You could go from Barcelona to San Sebastian (maybe driving across the Pyrenees and staying in places like Jaca or Pamplona). Once in San Sebastian, France is quite near, so that would be a daytrip to Biarritz, and also Bilbao, the Guggenheim Museum, its Old Town and plenty of shopping opportunities. In this case I would recommend you to travel by bus (plenty of them, and you don´t have to worry about the parking places). In San Sebastian, as you are in your honeymoon, why don´t stay at the Hotel Maria Cristina, full of old world charm?<BR>Check that you are not there while the Film Festival is going on (or maybe you want to stay there while all the stars are coming, it can be great fun, and plenty of interesting films).<BR>But I am sure that someone of Sevilla will tell you all the good things about their city.<BR>That´s the good thing about Spain, you can experience completely different countries from North To South and from East to West.<BR>Good luck.

Pedro Dec 5th, 2001 04:48 AM

As Cova mentioned variety in Spain is so huge that going from North to South experience many different things. San Sebastian is truly a beautiful city and Maria Cristina or Londres, good reccommendations to stay due to their excellent locations and ambient. Sevilla-Granada is also a romantic combination staying at the Alfonso XIII, Tryp Colon, Las Casas de la Juderia or Los Seises in Sevilla and The Parador or Alhambra Palace in Granada.

sej Dec 5th, 2001 08:57 AM

Jerry in my humble opinion I would go to Sevilla,San Sebastion, and Madrid. travel by train or rent a car. In Madrid I would recommend staying at the Hotel Melia Galgos. Near the US embassy, and within walking distance of the Metro. In Sevilla, I would stay at the Hotel " Las Casas Del Rey De Baeza," a converted convent that just oozes charm and is off the beaten path. But still a 15 minute walk to old town area. Let the hotel personel direct you to less touristy restaurants. And in San Sebastian I would recommend the Hotel Londres, old beach front hotel on the edge of old town. Each of these cities offer a variety of day trips and their own individual charm. Good Luck.<BR>sej

Maribel Dec 5th, 2001 01:30 PM

Hi Jerry,<BR>Just wrote you a response to your Sol Melia question before reading your post here. Sorry! I see you're looking for a honeymoon hotel in those cities, not a business class hotel! Just disregard all that NH/Melia stuff-just what you didn't need to know. :-)<BR><BR>For 5 star romance on option #1, I'd skip Ibiza (I found it a little over-the-top hedonistic) and concentrate on Barcelona instead, since there's plenty of non-stop partying to be done there; it's a very cosmopolitan, lively city. I'd recommend for you the Claris (hip) in the heart of the Eixample.<BR><BR>Agree with Cova about the elegant Maria Cristina in S.S. but reserve ASAP if your dates coincide with the Intl Film Festival. <BR><BR>For option #2 in Madrid you could stay at one of the two classics: the Old European, Grand Dame, Belle Epoque style 5 star Westin Palace or Royal Meridien Ritz.<BR>or ...<BR>for lots of privacy with your romance, you might think about an intimate boutique hotel like the jewel box former palace, Hotel Orfila. It has really comfy, pretty antique filled suites that are adorable, very private little nests (only 28 rms total). Also has a super romantic torch-lit terrace garden restaurant that's very "in", the Jardin de Orfila. Or for something more boutique-hip and trendy, consider the former palace AC Santo Mauro (used to be an NH ). Celebrities choose it for the privacy. The Michelin red guide gives it 5 red gables for peaceful atmosphere and charm. <BR>Or the new, hot Hotel Hesperia (but much, much larger with 171 rms). Like the Orfila its interior decor was done by Pascua Ortega, the Royal Family's decorator, and it also boasts a "hot" restaurant run by the Michelin starred chef Santi Santamaria of the Raco de Can Fabes outside of Barcelona.<BR>Another Ortega decorated, spiffy new 5 star hotel is the Adler, in the tony Salamanca neighborhood, on a great corner: Velazquez/Goya. Only 50 rms and huge suites but no romantic restaurant.<BR>Check them at<BR><BR>www.achotelsantomauro .com<BR><BR><BR><BR>For always romantic Seville, I'd stay at the intimate, all-suite Casa Imperial or one of the "Casas y Palacios" properties, like the Casas del Rey de Baeza, mentioned by sej or the Casas de la Juderia.<BR><BR>Have a wonderful honeymoon!<BR>Maribel<BR><BR><BR>

Jerry Jan 10th, 2002 05:36 PM

Thanks for all the replies. Very Helpful

wayne Jan 10th, 2002 05:53 PM

I spend 2 wks in Spain covering Madrid, Seville, Ronda, Marbella, Granada, Ibiza and Barcelona. Madrid was the biggest disappointment, followed by Marbella.<BR><BR>Ibiza, nosiy as it seems, does have its quiet areas on the north. I went to Cas Pla, a 5 star rural hotel and absoultely loved it! More so than the better known Hacienda Benasuza. <BR><BR>I would take your option #1.

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