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Laurie Aug 16th, 2001 10:35 AM

seven days in prague area
my cousin and will be in prague for seven days with no car. we'd love to do three days in prague, and three in budapest, but is this too much? <BR> <BR>would prague & vienna be a better itinerary? any comments would be appreciated...

Heidi Aug 16th, 2001 10:48 AM

I did the Prague/Vienna trip with a friend about four years ago, and it was just about enough time for each place. Mind you, I had been to Vienna before, so it wasn't my first visit. I wish I could tell you something about Budapest, but all my knowledge about that city is only indirect....

Ben Haines Aug 16th, 2001 11:07 AM

Well, a bit pressed, but no bad idea. Vienna and Budapest have about the same amount to see and do, but Budapest prices are a third of those in Vienna. So I'd say stick with your plan, but use a bed in a night train. You can board the Pannonia Express about 2300 at Prague Hlavni station (beware pickpockets), leave at 2322, and reach Budsapest Keleti at 0805. No hurry to quit the train: it waits at Budapest until 0830. You save a hostel or hotel bill, and travel time, and pay a supplement of about 15 US dollars in a crowded 6-berth couchette compartment, and about 40 in a 3-berth sleeper. You need a berth, as they are lockable, whereas train thieves can get into seats cars. <BR> <BR>Prague to Vienna takes five hours, so is a day journey. <BR> <BR>Please write if I can help further. <BR> <BR>Ben Haines, London <BR>[email protected]

mimi Aug 16th, 2001 12:59 PM

We just did both cities but had more time and added Vienna and Salzburg. I agree that you should take the night train but I would pay first class and get a private compartment that you have to yourself and you can lock it. It is worth a little more money to be safe and travel with a better class of people. Loved both cities but Budapest is even cheaper than Prague. You can have a beautiful room facing the Danube for less than $100. including taxes and breakfast but of course this is going first class. You will not believe the cost of food, transportation, drinks,etc. It is a bargain compared to the rest of Europe. Be sure to check out the prices in the supermarkets for the wine and coke is unbelieveable.

sue Aug 16th, 2001 01:20 PM

thanks to ben and mimi...I will <BR>be in those areas exactly in 2 weeks <BR>and need a plan of action to best <BR>see vienna and budapest <BR>beginning in prague...I think I would <BR>like to feel really really safe at all <BR>times :-) duh <BR>thanks, sue

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