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ILUVPARIS Jul 6th, 2011 11:29 AM

Serviced apartment in Istanbul for 2012??
I'm doing some preliminary research for a possible trip to Turkey next year and I'm hoping someone familar with the area can help me. We've never been so we're really starting from scratch. It would be for 4 people (2 adults, 1 teenager and 1 child). We were thinking of renting an apartment in the Sultanahmet region, near the Blue Mosque. We're thinking that we'd like to spend 3 or 4 days in Istanbul and then travel to the region of Cappadoccia for maybe 4 days and then return to Instabul for a day or two before our flight home.

Does anyone have a recommendations for serviced apartments in Instanbul or a hotel in Cappadoccia? We're thinking our budget would be about $350 per night.

Thanks in advance!!!

tarki Jul 7th, 2011 02:18 AM


I would recommend you Galata - Beyoglu area rather than Sultanahmet in Istanbul. Although Sultanahmet has the most important monuments, Galata - Beyoglu area has tons of restaurants, cultural events, theaters, cinemas, music halls and history as well. Yet Sultanahmet is 15-20 minutes tram ride away.

But overall Istanbul and Cappadocia are both great choices. For Istanbul I recommend you to check the following holiday apartments:

and for Cappadocia have a look at

Have a great time!


jan47ete Jul 7th, 2011 02:21 PM

My first choice for apt hunting is always and it has always been enormously better than pictures and descriptions. jk

ILUVPARIS Jul 7th, 2011 06:25 PM

Thank you for your suggestions, much appreciated! I will definitely take a look. Does anyone else by chance have a suggestion for the Sultanahmet region? I prefer an established rental agency rather than going through a person to person rental.

otherchelebi Jul 9th, 2011 12:51 AM

iluvparis, i hope you will add ....'and istanbul' to your name after this trip.

Last year, we had some guest who stayed at some flats owned and managed by Cheya Residences very near our home. there were two other groups of younger people one who stayed at Cheya at Tesvikiye and a couple 5 Oda at Tunel, Beyoglu.

The top duplex flat of the location close to our home has a terrace with a good Bosphorus view, This is a quiet, upscalish area between Taksim and the Dolmabahce Palace. Theflat is just behind the Japanese consulate and very close to the German consulate. There is a very short hilly street to the main Gumussuyu Boulevard, and some steps on the other hand and another short hilly street which has the grocery shop that we (and before us both our families) have been using for immediate needs for the last 40 years or so.

This flat will sleep four and should be within your price range.

The Cheya Nisantasi luxury flat price is also within your price range, at a better shopping dining upscale are but with no view. However, i believe it has only one bedroom. The Tesvikiye flat is too far from everything and not recommended.

otherchelebi Jul 9th, 2011 01:25 AM

Sorry, i was interrupted by my wife who wished to read and approve my Baku post here on the Turkey forums.

5-Oda meaning five rooms. is a small property, with a longer hilly street of about 400-500 feet to the Tunel end of istiklal street. This end of the street can be quite deserted at night and we do not like to walk there after midnight, however, it is close to an interesting area a little firther down and to your right, where you have first some special bohemian cafes, a famous and very prestigious huge 115 year old apartment building (rumor says a flat costs about $2mil.) and some major Turkish designer boutiques, leading to the Galata Tower.

Galata tower area also has some flats but mostly not well refurbished and noisy untill midnight and deserted afterwards on weekdays, yet close to the best jazz club in Istanbul. Artistic, bohemian, popular, but also rather miserable when deserted. Also close to a large Synagogue and not far from the Metro.

I remember reading some threads on the second recommendation above on Trip Advisor where the customer was not pleased.

The first and the Third post appear to be self-advertising, but you can check the first on Trip Advisor also.

One owner of three flats, one of which is at Cihangir, one of my favorite areas, wrote me a personal message on Trip Advisor inviting me to meet him and possibly visit the flats. I do not accept commercial invitations but will go to this location and have a look at the property if i can without his knowledge.

I have always preferred areas where i would find some street activity and even open shops at late hours just in case i ever left the lodging late at night in case i felt claustrophobic. this is why i would prefer to stay at the locations i recommend. I also like to be closer to happy, smiling people who seem to know and enjoy what they are doing rather than hunters out to make a fast buck and the hunted tourists looking with dazed and mesmerized eyes, wanting very much to believe that what they see is this strange alien culture that they may have dreamt about.

It is a pity that what the standard tourist learns about Turkish culture and everyday life, politics, economy, history, etc. is limited to the polished memorized spiel of the guide and the very mundane knowledge of the salesmen in the tourist areas.

And, a further pity is that this information is passed on to future visitors via trip reports of former visitors like the descriptions of the blind scientists who only managed to feel the trunk or leg or tail of an elephant before they were required to write a scientific essay on the Elephant.

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