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"Scots Tell London Hands Off Our Clocks" - U.K. Debates Moving Clocks Up...

"Scots Tell London Hands Off Our Clocks" - U.K. Debates Moving Clocks Up...

Jan 24th, 2011, 08:48 AM
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You could imagine a poster asking if an extra hour of daylight might affect their enjoyment as a tourist.>

being a tourist to me means also understanding current events, debates, etc. Yes josser wants only on the European forum for folks to ask about a certain restaurant or London flat. I travel not to stay in nice hotels but to understand and interact with different cultures and the time question is very relevant to a tourist - yes coming from Paris to London time change is a hassle - especially when losing an hour - someone like josser who apparently rarely travels may not realize this. that he/she wants to be a Fodor cop and restrict the European travel forum only to mundane questions of restaurants and hotels, etc IMO says a lot about his/her lack of substance travel wise.

However, look at the title ""Scots Tell London Hands Off Our Clocks" "

Well it were not my title josser but that of the NYTimes that I simply copied as I often do with a headline. Guess the Times folks just want to create a new war between English and Scots? Or yes are they simply reflecting reality.

Travel to some is food and lodging and transportation but to me it involves far far more and yes the changing of the time is just as important to me as 'where can I find the best scone in Glasgow.

Though police IMO are the real 'trolls'
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Jan 24th, 2011, 08:59 AM
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Tis worrying.

There is over an hours time difference between a winter sunrise in Kent and Skye. In view of the fact that most Tories haven't been further north than Ascot, they will not see the issue in the same context.
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Jan 24th, 2011, 10:12 AM
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flanner assumed that:
Peter Hitchens bats on a bit (like his imbecile brother) - but his point's sound. CET (the time zone for that small proportion of Europe's land mass that's an hour ahead of GMT) is designed so the sun's overhead Berlin - exactly an hour ahead of London by nature, and like London at the far east of the time zone - at 1200.

Which is obviously not true.

The Greenwich meridian has been designated as the starting point for the time zones. So in Greenwich, the sun will be directly over you at 12noon. Meaning that standard and solar time are the same in Greenwich - and all other places on the zero meridian.
Once you decided that and wish to stick to full 1 hour intervals, you cannot fabricate any time zone that has 12noon in Berlin. It will be 12noon standard and solar time exactly every 15 degrees East and West of Greenwich.

There is only one municipality in all of (what is now) Germany that the 15E meridian goes through (the rest of the country is West of 15E) and that is the border town of Görlitz.

Thus, Mr Hitchens point of Britain getting forced to live on "Berlin time" is not sound but pure hogwash.
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Jan 24th, 2011, 10:18 AM
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yes josser it is relevant to tourists - at least those like me who are active in late afternoon in seeing parks, taking walks, train rides and coming to and from Paris.

And the other thread of mine you labelled a 'troll' involved how store clerks in Britain greet customers - well this too to me is relevant to tourists - what to expect and what is expected when dealing with clerks, etc. Should I say 'have a good day' or will Brits think me presumptive for doing, etc.

And just out of tourist curiosity - looking or in this case hearing for such pleasantries or lack of - these are things that intrigue me as a tourist as much as museums, etc. A to me a very very relevant topic for a European travel forum - I do not share your obviously myopic view that tourism info only should involve things like where can I find the best crumpets in London or what do you think about this fancy hotel.

Sorry but my view of what is relevant to a tourist is different than yours - and what you think is fine just do not try to impose your attitude on others as you have done by labeling this and the 'have a nice day' threads as 'trolls''

And yes do not be a Fodor's thought police by imposing subjective guidelines on others.
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