Scotland Family Itinerary July/Aug 2018

Sep 29th, 2017, 11:31 AM
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Scotland Family Itinerary July/Aug 2018

I am hoping that someone can give me input on our itinerary for our 2 week family trip. Traveling with our 2 children, ages 14 and 19.

Question: York looks like a beautiful city. It's 2.5 hours by train from Edinburgh, but could we see this city in one day? I would prefer to not have to pack everything and take with us on train, so day trip is consideration.

We could arrive by 9:30 and then spend 10 hours enjoying the city and go back by train to Edinburgh. I would prefer to not have to pack everything and take with us on train/hotel check in, so day trip is consideration.

I know 2 days is ideal, but can we enjoy the city for 1 day?

If it really is a lovely city, then perhaps 2 days is worth the packing up and train/new hotel.

Any comments on this itinerary would be appreciated. We are not driving, I'm fine with trains/buses and small tour group for Skye and West Highlands.

Fringe festival will be taking place by Day 6 of the trip.

Day 1 arrive to Glasgow 12 noon and take train to Edinburgh

Day 2 Edinburgh full day

Day 3 Day trip to St. Andrews (by train/bus)

Day 4 Edinburgh full day

Day 5 Train to York and spend night

Day 6 Day in York and back to Edinburgh by train for evening

Day 7 Edinburgh

Day 8 Alnwick Castle (Rabbies tour)

Day 9 Stirling (by train)

Day 10 start 4 day trip with Rabbies to Skye

Day 13 evening train to Glasgow

Day 14 Glasgow full day

Day 15 flight home

Thank you
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Sep 29th, 2017, 12:08 PM
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Your itinerary looks fine.

Re York: You could see most of it in one full day. It is up to you if that is what you want to do.

Pros: no extra packing/unpacking, checking in/out.

Cons : It would be a VERY long day and if it is wet -- no hotel room to go back to to change shoes or dry out or anything.

What I'd probably do if it was my trip -- take a very early train to York and return to Edinburgh after an early dinner the same day. With the extra day that gains you in Edinburgh you could take about half a day to take the train out to North Berwick and Tantallon Castle. Only 30 minutes by train.
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Sep 29th, 2017, 01:53 PM
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Another pro for day trips is that you can switch your plans around based on the weather, which is harder to do if you've reserved a hotel room.

A few years ago, we visited Scotland, as well as York and Durham. We spent one night in York, but we arrived from Stansted and left for Glasgow the next day, so basically it was a day trip. I didn't feel that we needed more time. There were a few things I would have visited if I had had another day, but I don't feel any great pull to go back. On the other hand, we stayed in Durham for three nights, two full days and two half days, and I would definitely have liked another day there. It all depends on what you like.
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Sep 29th, 2017, 06:33 PM
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Thank you to you both for taking your time to respond and give your thoughts and experience.

Janis, great suggestion for North Berwick. It was on my list of potential day trips out of Edinburgh, and knowing that you suggested it, we will definitely go. I see your input on this board frequently and I'm glad you think the itinerary will work. We will do day trip to York.
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