Scotland and whisky

Oct 17th, 2000, 04:34 AM
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Scotland and whisky

Hallo, I am planning a trip to Scotland next winter and would like to know if a whisky distilleries tour could be a possible subject.

PS: I love whisky, especially single malt, and love nature. I am planning to spend 7/8 days; B&B accomodation
Oct 17th, 2000, 05:01 AM
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One of the best tours is on the island of Islay. You can visit famous distilleries such as Bowmore and, of course, Laphroaig. One takes a ferry to Islay from one of a few ports (try Oben, also historic, about 2hrs from glasgow) and you can take your pick of busses when the ferry comes in shore.
Oct 17th, 2000, 07:34 AM
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Drive The Whisky Trail and visit all sorts of single malt distilleries.
Oct 18th, 2000, 03:44 AM
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Most distilleries do tours.Most areas of Scotland have a distillery, so unless whisky is your only interest (nothing wrong with that!) you should decide where you want to go first, then look for a tour of the nearest whisky area.
The "whiskey trail" is in the east & only covers a limited number of whiskies.It's easy to access.
Islay malts are different, much more peaty.Islay isn't easy to get to, but the journey is beautiful.
The Isle of Skye has a distillery (for Talisker at Carbost - there are 2 places called Carbost in Skye, this one has a small hotel beside it) - a good place to include in a tour of the Western Highlands.
Oct 18th, 2000, 02:05 PM
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I note you say winter. Lots of distilleries only run tours in summer; so be careful. How will you travel?

You can certainly base your trip round places that will be open; and make sure you try to see one which has a malting floor. Most distlleries now but their malt from maltsers, rather than do it themselves. Two which I know of, are Lagavulin on Islay and Glen Garioch in Aberdeenshire.
Jul 15th, 2001, 03:41 AM
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Topping for Angela

That last post should say "now buy" and I was trying to say that Lagavulin and Glen Garioch do do their own malting
Jul 15th, 2001, 05:50 AM
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I second Sheila's warning. Scotland is very "seasonal". Many places are closed in the winter and few tours are offered. A lot of the distilleries listed above are in the far west or north and may be difficult to get to. The Speyside whisky trail may be your best bet since it is relatively near Inverness. But my guess is even Glenfiddich and Glens Grant aren't open for tours in the winter.

If you could go another time of year you would have more to choose from and an easier time of it.
Jul 15th, 2001, 04:57 PM
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try the 35 year old bowmore. best scotch i ever bought. beware however as the "sin tax" in scotland is very high, you can buy the same products in the us for a lot cheaper. its the same and you do not have to lug it all over.

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