school tour-cheers or jeers?

Oct 15th, 1999, 01:43 AM
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school tour-cheers or jeers?

My daughter (high schoool senior) is offered the opportunity to participate in an ACIS tour of France, 10 days, in March. Good or bad idea? Alternative might be independent family trip to Paris or nearby during same time frame. Cost IS a factor. Advice?
Oct 15th, 1999, 02:26 AM
Tony Hughes
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If cost is a factor go for the cheapest one...whatever that option is.
Oct 15th, 1999, 02:59 AM
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At your daughther's age right now, she might most likely enjoy a trip with her own peers. Maybe you should ask her which she would prefer. Sounds like a great opportunity for her.
Oct 15th, 1999, 03:00 AM
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As Tony says, go with the cheapest. But as to your good or bad idea - I can't think how it could be a bad idea! Great education, especially with the teachers, and also her friends there to be with. Excellent introduction to Europe. You shouldn't go on a family trip just to "make up" for not allowing her on the school one. Which she'd probably much prefer anyway, and will be tailor made for the activities/sights her age group is more interested in.
Oct 15th, 1999, 12:46 PM
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Presuming ACIS (whatever it is) a reputable entity, you are in an enviable position if two are options for your daughter (not only yours.) It is a no brainer for us with a high school junior daughter, she would go anywhere with her friends and nowhere with us. As for the cost, at least the ones I have come across, the tour type had always been cheaper because for high schoolers, they tended to be some type of homestay-cultural exchange type of arrangement.
Oct 15th, 1999, 02:22 PM
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Michael--high school seniors in our area routinely go to Europe with their classmates around the time of spring break or in early summer. They have all had a great time and learned a lot staying with host families and seeing the country in a way that you usually cannot do on a family trip.

Oct 15th, 1999, 04:25 PM
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My son won a trip to Germany with several classmates from two schools when he was a senior in High School. He had a wonderful time. They were very well taken care of and had very responsable chaparones (teachers). Your daughter would probable enjoy going with her classmates. If she enjoys it she might then enjoy going back with you at a later time.

Oct 15th, 1999, 05:01 PM
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To me, the determining factors would be what is the school group planning on visiting and will there be adequate supervision.
Also, is you daughter considering this a 'time to get away with my friends' or as a time to see how another part of the world lives. I'm not saying that this should be a serious trip, just something that she will appreciate.

I work in a small farming community where a high school teacher took kids to Europe every year. I knew parents that went into hock to send their kids with 'the group'. Many of these kids are my patients. Most of them missed the point of visiting many of the historical sites and the museums. Makes me wonder if it was worth it.

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