Scary food for thought

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San Diego I wouldn't swear to. But I am certain that a plane was brought down in the USA in this fashion. I also remember it being discussed in passing during the speculation over the New York TWA crash. <BR> <BR>Doesn't anyone else remember this? My sister does.
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July 12, 1987. PSA Airlines. Pilots shot. 43 dead. San Luis, USA, according to an appallingly long list of all air disasters since planes began flying. <BR> <BR>You don't forget these things.
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The person who call from the bathroom was a flight attendant who also provided the seat assignment of one of the hijackers. <BR> <BR>TO ME: and WHO do you thinks is THE SYSTEM?? It's YOU and ME. If we don't speak up and DEMAND changes they are not going to happen.
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There is a template for airline security. Do whatever El Al does.
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it's not just the faa, not just the airports; it's the airlines as well. <BR> <BR>in the 1980s a korean air jetliner exploded somewhere over asia (wish i cd remember better). investigation found that a north korean agent had planted a bomb in a checkin suitcase, then simply not reboarded when the flight resumed. <BR> <BR>for years afterward, every time i checked in for a kal flight, i was met at the gate by another metal detector check, and was taken off to the side and had my body swiped by another detector--and all passengers got the same treatment. my handcarry was opened, and anything w/ a battery--camera, travel alarm clock--had the battery removed, and taken to checkin luggage. during the flight i recall at least one muscular, stern-faced man in a suit walking up and down the aisles constantly scrutinizing all the passengers. <BR> <BR>korean air's had its problems since w/ maintenance and training, but not w/ terrorism. this is more like what want to see.

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