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Don E Sep 21st, 1999 05:10 PM

Anyone ever been to the island of Sardenia? <BR> <BR>Any comments. <BR> <BR>What is it like in July?

Diane Sep 21st, 1999 06:16 PM

I've been wondering about Sardenia myself. Someone I know who have traveled extensively said this is her favorite place. Also, they have some incredibly expensive resorts. Would love to hear from some of you who've been there.

EMC Sep 22nd, 1999 05:30 AM

I do not know anything about Sardenia, but I know a lot about Sardinia, the Italian island west of the mainland. It is very mountainous, has some beautiful beaches, and is crawling with German tourists in season. The land is poor, and it resembles southern Italy in many respects. A tough and dangerous underworld controls a lot of the economy. Be very careful.

Nina Sep 22nd, 1999 06:05 AM

Don: I was in Sardinia this past July - was on a cruise and we stopped there for 1/2 day. I was not impressed with the island, not much to do or see. Can go to the Caves of Santadi or Nora - we didn't bother going to either. Downtown <BR>area of Cagliari is very nice, lots of designer shops and cafes, but we found that the local people did not speak english - you should know some Italian. <BR>Cagliari is a big shipping port - it's <BR>very busy. Hope this helps.

Ada Sep 22nd, 1999 08:53 AM

Don, <BR>I have a feeling that all the people who wrote have no idea what Sardinia is really like. We spent 1 week in April on the Island. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The landscape is so different in each area. The villages are old and extremely interesting. The people don't speak English, but who cares? They are so friendly and nice. The inner part of the island is mountainous. The Western side has cliffs, the north beaches are full with very expensive communities. According to the locals, July and August are very expensive and loaded with tourists, especially in the north. In April and May the prices are almost 50% lower. While the north is more popular with tourists, mostly with the rich and famous, I liked the other areas better. <BR>You cannot get around without a car! Rentals was pretty reasonable and the roads are good, even the side roads. <BR>We loved it! <BR>Don't go in July, and enjoy yourself. <BR>I think that Sardinia is one of those hidden treasures. I was so surprised with what I saw and found there. <BR>Ada <BR>

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