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Chris Apr 12th, 2002 11:33 AM

Santorini Hotel
Looking for a nice, romantic hotel in Santorini in July for my honeymoon. <BR><BR>Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Thank you!

T Apr 12th, 2002 03:11 PM

If you want to stay on the cliffs in a cave house dwelling look in Oia maybe at Esperas or Perivolas. If you are into the beach try the Veggera it's in Perissia right on the black sand beach. It takes about 10 or 15 minutes by motorbike to get to Fira from Perissia. Both places are great depends on what you are looking for.

Diane Apr 13th, 2002 02:33 AM

Here's where I stayed:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Ask for room #31 -- wonderful.

Kosmas arvanitis Apr 15th, 2002 09:11 AM

Dear Chris,<BR>If you are looking for a romantic, quiet and not too big hotel for your honeymoon I have a suggestion. Studio Artemis right on the cliff of caldera very romantic with increadible view to the sea and the caldera. visit<BR>

Melanie Apr 15th, 2002 09:13 AM

I stayed in the Esperas Villas in Oia for my honeymoon and would highly recommend them again. Big rooms (we had a two story) and amazing views. People were very nice as well.

chris Apr 16th, 2002 06:25 AM

Thank you for your replys! Is Estera Studios the same as Espera Villas? We definetly want to stay on the cliffs. What do you think is a better location, Fira or Oia?<BR><BR>Your suggestions are much appreciated!<BR><BR>Chris

Melanie Apr 16th, 2002 07:44 AM

I don't think that those are the same. I'm not sure the website, but I know Esperas Villas has a site. I thought Oia was definitely better to stay in. It was more beautiful and quiet. All the tourists on the island come to Oia at sunset anyway to do the view. Fira, in my opionion, was much crazier and touristy. We would just get a taxi to take us out at night to Fira. There is fun nightlife there, but it was also fun to leave it when we wanted to. We drove during the day, but at night we just always taxied. It was pretty cheap. In Oia, there are some really nice restaurants - the Esperas Villas can recommend, but you'll want reservations sometimes because everyone takes l-o-n-g dinners watching the view. <BR><BR>A great travel agent for Greek honeymooners is Carmen at - we went to Athens, Hydra, Myknonos, and Santorini for two weeks.

rena Apr 18th, 2002 09:07 AM

Try StudioArtemis!!!! It is a very romantic, quite hotel right on the caldera with increadible view, very clean and the owners are very polite and helpful. I have spent there my best holidays. You can visit for more details. You will love it!!!!!!!! I did

xxxx Apr 18th, 2002 09:37 AM

Alright, "Rena"/Kosmas, we get u now...

chris Apr 18th, 2002 12:04 PM

I have booked at Espersa Villas, a Traditional Superior House, as that is all that they had availabe.<BR><BR>We are spending our first week sailing with GPSC charters, has anyone been out with them?<BR><BR>Can not wait!<BR><BR>We will also spend 2 nights in Athens, any reccommendations for a good central, cheap place to stay?

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