Salzburg, Switzerland and Lyon


Sep 13th, 2014, 09:42 PM
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Salzburg, Switzerland and Lyon

Day 1: Missed flight to Vienna due to airline delays. Had to skip this city for now. Maybe someday on another trip toward Eastern Europe...

Day 2: Flight now directly into Salzburg

Day 3: Arrive Salzburg in afternoon. Pouring rain, but we didn't let that stop us! Had a great time. Motel One loaned us umbrellas. A little chilly, but that's okay. Decided to walk around and take it all in. Last day of Salzburg Festival and they were closing up shop. We needed an indoor activity, so decided to do St. Peter Stiftskeller Mozart Dinner. Made reservation around 4 PM for 8 PM dinner. Not sure if you usually need more advanced reservations, but we were happy that they took us for that evening and were able to provide vegetarian for me. Had 2-3 hours to kill after that - hiked back up and around mountain to Augustiner Brau for beers and sauerkraut and potato salad. Yum! And loved the atmosphere. Trudged back to Mozart Dinner. Showed up in soaking wet clothes, but luckily no one batted an eye. This was the highlight of our whole trip, really. Spouse, who isn't even a HUGE classical music fan, loved it and was impressed with the singers, musicians, atmosphere, quality of production. Meal was maybe a 7-8 out of 10, but overall a fair price for quality show and not bad food. Again, great time and highlight of our trip. Walked back to hotel (stopped raining, finally) very happy.

Day 4: Last day in Salzburg - breakfast at Cafe Bazar was very good. Visited both Mozart houses (I actually preferred birth house, not sure why). Lunch at some burger joint that was very small and good. Mirabel Gardens (oh, it was raining again today!) Stopped at HBF to get ticket to Switzerland for tomorrow's train. Walked around looking for Mozart souvenirs and was disappointed that they were cheesy and mostly those plastic-like busts. Left with no real souvenir. Back to Augustiner Brau because we enjoyed it so much. Shared a table with 2 chaps from England and had a great time chatting and laughing.

Day 5: Salzburg - Buchs - Zurich - Bern - Interlaken, arrived afternoon and got oriented. Took quick jog around river in Interlaken. Seemed very busy with tourists. Too late for mountain stuff, so just walked around and checked things out. Dinner at Restaurant Baren - very good fondue and decent atmosphere. Stayed at Sunny Days B&B.

Day 6: Interlaken - Lauterbrunnen - Murren. Breakfast at B&B. Walked around Murren, had lunch at restaurant (forgetting name) right outside lift station. Took lift down to Gimmelwald after lunch. Hiked back to Murren (apparently the very hard and long way, but what a hike!) Back to Lauterbrunnen and hiked up to falls just in the town. Long, exhausting day! But great and lucked out with weather. Back to Interlaken and Restaurant Baren (because I was hooked on fondue/raclette!) Walked around more at night, stopped for nightcap at Golden Anker - good atmosphere!

Day 7: Breakfast at B&B. Interlaken - Wengen - lift to Mannlich (sp?) with nice, easy and scenic walk back to Kleine Sheidigg (sp?) Train to Grindewald, then back to Interlaken. Hurried to Ballenberg Open Air Museum for the afternoon - what a treat! Had a nice bread and cheese lunch at the shop there, and enjoyed meandering through old, old buildings. Lucky Switzerland to have all this preserved here. Back to Interlaken for dinner at, you guessed it, Restaurant Baren!

Day 8: Breakfast at B&B, then Golden Rail to Montreax (not great visibility, so glad we did not splurge on reservations or 1st class). Then onto Lausanne. Checked in at Agora Swiss Night hotel (cute, clean place, and very helpful front desk staff) then lunch at Cafe Europe (?) right across from Lausanne train station. Quick jog at park nearby. Dinner at Cafe de la Poste in Lutry - amazing fillet de perche and fixed meal - really enjoyed the food and atmosphere.

Day 9: Pastry and coffee for breakfast, then up to Gruyere for cheese making demo. Walked around Gruyere a bit. Enjoyed Castle tour. Bought some bread and cheese and wine and enjoyed lunch on train to Broc. Chocolate demo in Broc. All sugared up, we headed back to Montreax (car festival going on, so quite busy and congested) - we bypassed Montreax after quick pic at Freddy Mercury statue and went on to Chillon. Enjoyed the castle! Back to Montreax, then boat ride back to Lausanne. Very tired and hungry on arrival - picked first restaurant we could find with menu that looked appealing and regretted our choice (Cafe Riviera, something like that)? But at least no longer starving, we headed back to hotel.

Day 10: Had a hard time figuring out what we wanted to do. Ended up going late to Cully with bread/cheese/wine lunch. Sat along beach. Very buggy. It was quite hot and sunny, and we just weren't feeling up to a long vineyard walk or committing to a longer vineyard trip elsewhere. Decided to come back toward Lausanne and relax. Bought train ticket to Lyon. Had dinner at Le Chalet Suisse - yum! More fondue and raclette to cap off a decadent eating experience!

Day 11: Pastry and coffee, then train to Lyon. Arrived around lunchtime. Wish we would have done more research on Lyon, because there was no convenient TI or anything to help figure out where to go or what to do. We had no real agenda except to quickly make a drop off and eat. Took us a while to figure it out, but ended up in the old town walking around, which was great! Had dinner at Sol Cafe (mussels and wine) - great service. Charming atmosphere overall, just not sure we really captured the spirit of Lyon but were happy to have been there! Train to airport in evening, stayed at NH Lyon Airport. VERY convenient - good service and food, excellent rooms, and couldn't be easier for your morning flight!

Day 12: Au revoir, flight back home!

Overall, it might seem hectic and choppy of a trip, but it was exactly what we wanted. In fact, as much as we moved around, we think we could have handled maybe 1 more move! We did have to hustle a bit, but this was a great trip - especially since I got to eat some of my favorite things in the world and got to enjoy some Mozart.

Thanks, Fodors, for your tips!
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Sep 14th, 2014, 02:58 PM
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Thanks for taking the time to post. I'm getting excited for my next trip to Switzerland-in 6 days!
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