Ryan Air - $15 for London to Italy!

Jan 24th, 2002, 05:20 PM
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Ryan Air - $15 for London to Italy!

While walking by the t.v., I heard Peter Jennings talking about this special promotion. I went to Ryan Air's website, and yes, even for April these rates apply.

The only gliche seems to be a cheap flight to either London's STN, Frankfurt's HHN or Brussel's CRL. Does anyone know of airlines that will go to these smaller airports from New York or Philadelphia at a bargain rate? I am finding that I am getting about the same rates of about $600 from PHL/EWR to FCO/VCE as booking 2 separate flights, one with Ryan Air.

Maybe this promotion will help others though. Sandy
Jan 24th, 2002, 06:58 PM
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I was watching ABC News and heard the same thing tonight, Sandy.

Very interesting about Ryanair. The segment on ABC began by mentioning that Ryanair just placed a large order with Boeing for next-generation 737s and then posed the question: how can they be ordering more planes when so many airlines are hurting?

The answer (according to the program): they've consistently held to a "no frills" concept; they charge for all food & beverages on flights (water is free); they sell other stuff on flights; they sell advertising on their planes (the program showed a plane painted yellow with the Hertz logo); and they fly into smaller airports.

The CEO (I think) of Ryanair said that there is a large, untapped market of potential passengers out there who will fly if the prices is right, and the segment on ABC concluded by saying something like "Perhaps what other airlines don't need are bailouts but, rather, new business plans."
Jan 24th, 2002, 11:07 PM
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there is a lot of tax and other things to be payed on this 15 $. But anyway, it is bargain for those that have time.
Jan 25th, 2002, 01:51 AM
Edmond O`Flaherty
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Ryanair are a no-frills airline and sometimes offer great value,such as London-Dublin return for 3cents plus $24
airport charges and tax on a few flights in winter.However their fares can be very high on occasion too-basically they charge as much as they can like every other capitalist organisation.They are a very efficent company with only 1500 staff and reckon they will need only another 3000 workers when they take delivery of these 100 new Boeings,making them the biggest airline in Europe.Note that they allow only 15 kg of luggage and they charge plenty if you pass that level.The airports they use are often quite far out of town-maybe 50 miles or more.They are a point-to-point airline so if you arrive from LA in London and miss their flight you will have to pay the going rate on the day if you want another flight.If they are late do not expect any free meals or accomodation.Occasionally you may be left high and dry in a small airport in the middle of nowhere when they cannot get a plane to bring you home.Still I notice the British Prime Minister,Tony Blair,flew on them when he went on vacation last year.Most of their flights are bought through their website at www.ryanair.com
Jan 25th, 2002, 06:43 AM
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I flew Ryanair from London to Italy and back last summer and had a very good experience. However, I see they've now made their already low luggage allotments even lower. To say a woman's handbag is her one small cabin luggage allotment is ludicrous! It effectively robs her of the ability to take on a piece of cabin luggage unless she wants to stuff a purse into her carry-on. I think they crossed the line on that one & I won't fly them again as long as that is in place. I understand they took advantage of the 9/11 situation to reduce luggage allotments so they can now charge stiff fees, but the allowance is now so low that only weekenders can be fairly certain to stay within limits and Ryanair knows this very well. When everything works well, Ryanair is fine. When something goes really wrong, you have little or no recourse & need to be prepared for that. And now, they seem content with bilking customers on luggage surcharges because they've set their allowable limits so low. When you add on the extra time and money involved in getting to Stansted, and to & from those underutilized European airports, the bargain is less and less attractive to people from the US who need a dependable carrier and who probably aren't packing just for a long weekend!
Jan 25th, 2002, 06:59 AM
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Northwest flies into Stansted.
Jan 25th, 2002, 08:26 AM
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Not a bad idea if you want to visit London anyway.

Continental flew to Stansted last Summer but ceased serving that airport post Sept. 11. Canada 3000/Royal Airlines served Stansted from Canada, but C3 went bust a couple months ago. Northwest serve it on codeshare with KLM via Amsterdam.

I actually flew Continental to Stansted last Summer just so I could take advantage of Ryanair's cheap one-way fares to/from Scandinavia. I could not get a return back to Stansted early enough to make the 9:30(?)a.m. departure back to the States, so booked a hotel in nearby Bishop's Stortford and took the train back to the airport in the morning... and I still came out ahead when the numbers were crunched.

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