Rome, Florence, Venice in 10 days?

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Rome, Florence, Venice in 10 days?

My husband and I are planning a trip to Italy for our 10th anniversary in May 2004. We will only have 7-10 days and I would like to visit Rome, Florence and Venice. Is this long enough? We have been to England, Austria and the Czech Republic but have always spent at least 4-7 days in one city. We've always gone on our own but since there is so much to see in all these cities and transportation between I was considering a tour. I don't think I want to be on such a strict schedule, but is the savings worth it?
Thanks for any advice.
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10 days is pretty much the tour standard for those three cities although some are longer. regardless, on a tour of this length I would think you could expect to see the "highlights" in each of those cities and probably that's it. It won;t be "in depth" but then again, you may not want to stay as long in a place as some other people have/will.
I suspect you'll probably hear that "it isn't long enough" or that such and such a place "requires" at least.......days. But again, those are subjective evaluations..the things that took one person days and days to do may not take you as long.
It is hard to evaluate the "savings" you are speaking of since we have no idea what sorts of hotels you like to stay in (which can add tremendously to cost), how you like to travel around (car? or rail?) so I am unable to offer any specifi help in that regard.
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Just back from two weeks in Italy, of which 10 days were spent in Rome, Florence, Venice, counting the day of arrival in Rome and day of departure from Venice. Our plan was: overnight from U.S. and arrive in Rome on Wednesday, with brief touring and jet lag recovery. Tour Rome on Thurs., Fri and Saturday. Eurostar Italia train to Florence on Sun. morning, with touring in afternoon and evening, Monday and Tuesday. Eurostar Italia train to Venice on Wed. morning, for sightseeing on Wed. afternoon and Thursday. Then, we departed Venice on Friday for the Lakes area and Milan, but you could fly from the Venice airport. We saw all the major sites in each city, and the primary museums. That was possible because we had already made all our train reservations on and our museum tickets at and We even had an afternoon outing to Siena from Florence. See my full report somewhere on the Italy board. "Just Back: Two Weeks in Italy"
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Hi Cindyrella,

My husband and I visited Rome, Florence and Venice for 9 days this past May, and we travelled independently. Was it long enough? Heavens no! But how long is long enough? I venture to guess that many lifelong residents of Rome have not seen all that Rome has to offer. I've lived in Atlanta for 25 years and never been to our zoo, but I've visited both the San Diego (wonderful) zoo and the London (depressing) zoo.

You have ample time to research and plan your trip (if you enjoy that). If you have some idea of what each city offers that interests you and a good map, there's no need for a "tour". However, there are many people who find tours less stressful. As for the travel time between cities, Rome-Florence and Florence-Venice are only 2 - 2 1/2 hours apart by train with lots of daily departures.

You'll be amazed at the wealth of helpful information found by searching here and on other travel related web sites and message boards. Fodorites are very generous . . . romantic hotels, romantic ristorantes . . . practical advise in each city, picks and pans - more than you care to know in some cases.

We had a wonderful trip. We saw and did what time would allow - the rest will have to wait for subsequent a trip. And there will be subsequent trips (that's what 3 historic cities in 10 days will do for you). But first - we have to visit the Amalfi Coast.

What a great 10th anniversary trip! Enjoy.
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Another vote for independent travel. You have enough time to visit the three cities plus you have plenty of advance time to study so you can plan a very nice journey.
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I am in the planning stages of a similar trip for March 2004. I am traveling "independently" but with a bit of assistance with a Italian tour company. I picked everything I wanted to do and they are making all the arrangements. I figured that the costs would be about the same whether I did it or they did it.
My flights, hotels, tours, transfers, train tickets are already taken care off.
My trip is 9 days...NY-Venice-Florence-Rome-NY.
I will email you the name of the company and the person I am working with if you like.
Good luck!
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Thanks, AC I would appreciate that info. I talked to a travel agent today but she quoted me some awfully high air prices. We're flying from the other coast-Seattle area. We live in a small town and the travel agents here haven't been very many places it seems. I had just about decided to it all on my own, but I'm having trouble with the airfare as I want to arrive in Rome and fly out of Venice.
Thanks again.
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Hi Cindy,

I think that you are too early. The consolidators haven't gotten their contracts for May yet.

You will find that the prices will be much lower in Nov and Dec.

I hae found good rates at

Go to the link that says "A mix of published......" then click on "multi city".
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Hi Cindyrella,
My wife and I did a ten year anniversary trip to Italy this May. We booked the airfare directly through Delta and flew into Rome and out of Venice. The cost was the same as flying in and out of the same city. It may be too early to reserve tickets, but call Delta directly to confirm you can do it.

As far as seeing Rome, Florence and Venice in ten days, No Problem!
Fly into Rome for 4 days, early train to Florence for 3 days, early train to Venice for 3 days. Fly out of Venice.

Will you have 10 days in Italy or does that include flight time?
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You've gotten some excellent advice on both the 10-day and airfare questions.
Your original post said 7-10 days. Obviously, you can do the three cities in 10, but 7? Forget it....or wear your track shoes!
Is it enough time? No matter how long a trip to Italy, it's never enough time! But, can you do justice to the three cities in 10 days? Yes. And, I guarantee you that you'll resolve to return!
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If it's actually only 7 and that counts your 2 flying days, I'd consider skipping at least one destination.

I am in Seattle too so the flight is a bear (jet lag and I are not friends).

For me & for an anniversary I'd think of simply doing Venice. So romantic. But then I LOVE that city (been twice and yet to do either Florence or Rome).

My 2 cents. happy anniversary & safe travels
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As you figure how much time you'll have in each city, keep in mind that these cities are pretty far apart (Venice to Rome is around 400 miles), so it's not like you'll have 4 full days in Rome and 3 full days in Florence and Venice. What with checking out of hotels, getting to bus/train stations, travel time, getting to the new hotel, and checking in and getting unpacked, you're going to lose close to two full days of your 10.
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Wow, thanks everyone for the advice. Yes, the 10 days does not include travel days. Suze, I did consider doing just a week in Venice with maybe a side trip to Verona. Anyone know of other good side trips from Venice? Another idea I had was Venice-Vienna possible on an overnight train maybe? Thought I would in Dec. or Jan. and check for package deals has anyone used them?
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I use a travel agency in NYC and they always have the lowest consolidator fares to europe. I can never find anything lower than what they quote me. Let me know if you want me to e-mail you their name & number. I've used them for 3 trips.
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Since you have the full 10 days, stick with your Rome-Florence-Venice itinerary. Train times between Rome and Florence can be as litte as 1.5 hours, between Florence and Venice about 2-2.5 hours. If you get a a train around 9AM, you'll be done with each leg of your trip by lunchtime.

Since this is your first Italy trip, I'd say stick with at least two of your cities, just to get a taste.

To answer your question, other easy day trips from Venice include Padua and Vicenza. I love Verona. An extended stay in Venice would also give you plenty of time to explore the out-islands, Murano, Burano, and Torcello the most popular.
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I emailed you the information tonight, let me know if you do not receive it.
Good luck!
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Hi Cindy,

Venice Vienna is very doable. We took the day train (Leaves 13:14 Arr 21:02)over the Alps on a Sunday in the early Spring when the snow was just melting, the streams were gushing and the forests were budding green. Quite beautiful.

You would have a very nice trip if you did 4 days in Venice and 5 in Vienna.
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Thanks again, everyone. Yes, AC I did receive your e-mail, thank you, I'll check it out. AP6380, I would love the name of the consolidator. Ira, I'm thrilled to hear the good news about Venice-Vienna. We were in Austria in '99 (my husband was there on business)but we didn't make it Vienna. We stayed in Old Town in Saltzburg and went to Innsbruck also. I am dying to see Schoenbrunn Palace!
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AP6380- I am also interested in your NY travel agency recommendation. Could you please email it to me?
Thanks so much,
[email protected]
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