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Carol Oct 5th, 1999 09:41 AM

Rome Eats-Paolo? La Bella Dona?
In February, I'm visiting Rome alone, staying at the Colonna Palace near Piazza Navona, etc. I'm looking for recommendations of good, reasonable little restaurants/trattorias (like Buca di Ripetta)that I can walk to in the neighborhood, or walk home from in the evening. I'm hoping Paolo and La Bella Dona will be among the respondants as they seem to be so knowledgable about Rome. Of course, all suggestions are gratefully accepted.

Carol Oct 5th, 1999 11:30 AM

Just want to bring this to the top, I noticed Paolo is online now.

Paulo Oct 5th, 1999 01:05 PM

Let me first point out that I consider it a "crime" not going out for dinner in Transtevere at least once in one's stay. Either walk over there and get a cab back, or get a cab back and forth ... simply go! <BR> <BR>Regarding restaurants at walking distance to your hotel, I've been to a few. To some I haven't been in the last <BR>5 years or so ... and things might change in that period of time :-) <BR> <BR>Price ranges should be ok for dinner, p/person (copperto, antipasto, primo, secondo, dolce, caffe and 1/2 bottle of house wine). <BR> <BR>Over Lit 100,000, you may try Il Convivio (Via del'Orso 44 - Tel 06/6869432, closed Sundays and Saturdays for lunch) Reservations a must. IMO it may be one of the best in town for a romantic evening. Cuisine may be classified as creative, that is, classic and Roman cuisines with creative use of herbs. To reach it, you stroll about 600 mts W from the hotel. <BR> <BR>From Lit 75,000 to Lit 100,000 you may try Papa Giovanni (Via dei Sediari 4 - Tel 06/6865308, closed Sundays). Traditional Roman and Regional cuisines in a rustic but very elegant ambience. It's about a 700 mts stroll towards the southern end of Piazza Navona. <BR> <BR>From Lit 40,000 to Lit 75,000 your choice may be the Piccola Roma (V Uffici del Vicario 36, Tel 06/6793546). Typical <BR>Roman cuisine at no more than 300 mts from your hotel. A very good alternative (a bit farther away, some 700 mts NE towards Piazza di Spagna) is Nino (Via Borgognona 11 - Tel 06/6795676). Quite a while ago, when we were lodged on the top pf the Spanish Steps, we ate here 3 nights in a row (I tipped the waiter generously the first night ... and was ashamed of what he made me pay the following two ...). Cuisine is mainly Tuscan (if you're not going there, this is a good chance to experiment with ...). Finally, there's the Grappolo D'Oro (Piazza della Cancelleria, 80 - Tel. 06/6864118), some 900mts SW, past Piazza Navona. Though it's not what it used to be and we like its more upscale brother in Via Palestro much better, it may be a choice. <BR> <BR>Below about Lit 40,000 our choice would certainly be the Abruzzi (Via Vaccaro 1, Tel 06/6793897), some 600 mts to the SE, towards Piazza Venezia. You may find a bunch of students there, attracted by the very good cuisine from the Abruzzo at moderate prices. <BR> <BR>Enjoy yourself, Carol! <BR> <BR>Paulo <BR> <BR> <BR>

Carol Oct 5th, 1999 01:21 PM

Grazie Paolo: I knew you'd come through with wonderful suggestions. I might mention that I'm in my 50s, and just slightly concerned about walking around Rome at night in February. I've been there in May when of course the entire population lives in the streets at night, but I just don't have any sense of the city in February! I've eaten in La Canonica in Trastevere and loved it, but I wondered whether the streets are significantly emptier this time of year.

Paulo Oct 5th, 1999 01:31 PM

I don't think it would be much fun to stroll to Trastevere in February. You should indeed take a taxi. I see no problems once you're there, specially if you have the chance to go on a Friday or Saturday. You're not going to Rome during Carnival, are you? I've no idea what Rome is like in that period! <BR> <BR>Paulo <BR> <BR>

Beth Oct 5th, 1999 03:56 PM

Hi Carol, <BR>we went to Il Convivio partly on Paulo's recommendation, and partly on other recommendations. It was wonderful. I think if you are thinking of splurging one night you would enjoy it, even going by yourself. For one thing the service was particularly friendly. And the food was wonderful. My husband and I still crack up over one particular line. We ordered a very fine barolo with our dinner, which the Maitre d/Sommalier/host seemed to approve of. He took away the wine glasses on our table and came back with the largest,, crystal balloon glasses you have ever seen. He smiled at us and said "beeeg glasses for beeeeg wine!" <BR> <BR>There were also tons of little, inexpensive restaurants in the alleys around the Piazza Navona. We ate at one that was quite good, although I can't remember the name. There are so many I would think they would have to be good to survive.

Carol Oct 6th, 1999 06:05 AM

Thanks Beth, Il Convivo sounds like a perfect place for a big splash. You've convinced me!

Pam Oct 6th, 1999 07:34 AM

I recommend La Pollarola and Grotte di Teatro de Pompei, both in Pza. Biscione, just north of Campo dei Fiori.

Jenny Oct 6th, 1999 07:23 PM

Carol - Two years ago we were staying near Pza. Navona and happenned upon a small restaurant (I mean small, 6 tables) called La Piccola Cucagna. One meal and we went back three times. Very friendly, no English spoken, cuicina Romana, small but exc. wine list. What a surprise when in the narrow hallway to the bathroom I came upon pictures of President Clinton - Gorbachev - the Canadian PM - John Major - the French Premier - all dining happily togeher at La Piccola Cucagna during the Rome Conference! Very reasonable pricing too, not at all gourmet or pretentious. Its on the little street between Pza Navona & Corso V. Emmanuel. <BR>Brava for you flying solo! <BR>

Carol Oct 7th, 1999 05:28 AM

Dear Pam and Jenny: <BR> <BR>Grazie mille for the tips. I'll be sure to post a report on my return.

back Oct 8th, 1999 06:04 AM


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