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h3rnyta Aug 30th, 2016 09:40 PM

Rome Airport Question!
I'll be traveling next month to Rome (FCO), and I learned that I'll be arriving through terminal 5 (landing at 9:15am)
I have a flight after to Florence (FLR) in terminal 1 that departs at 10:25am. The question is, will I make it?
(I really have to because im attending a wedding, but I need to know if its possible. If its not, I must cancel that last flight and hop on some train :( I only have 24 hrs from now to cancel it)

How long does customs usually take? How do I get from terminal 5 to 1 after that? 0_0

I appreciate your help. <3

greg Aug 30th, 2016 10:08 PM

Many crucial info missing from the posting.
Are these two flights booked as one reservation?
Do you have a checked luggage that cannot be checked to FLR?

No one can answer whether you can make it. The question is what options exist if you cannot.

You mention "I must cancel that last flight and hop on some train." It seems these are different bookings. In which case, if you have a checked luggage and you cannot check luggage straight to FLR, then there is no way you can make it. The luggage retrieval at FCO it self takes 40 min plus. The customs step you are worrying about takes a whopping 5 seconds! The worst part is that once you retrieve the luggage, you need to go through the security.

If these are one the same reservation, you should be able to check luggage straight to FLR. But what happens if you miss the connection? They puts you on "next available flight" whenever that might be. If that fails to hit some critical schedule, the fact that you don't have to pay to flight later is not much a consolation. Also, if they are on the same reservation, you cannot punt, you much take the flight or they cancel the remaining flights on your ticket.

The train to Florence city center is about 2.5 hours total from FCO. If you fly, you would probably get to the Florence city center no faster than a train.

Ackislander Aug 31st, 2016 04:39 AM

"luggage retrieval at FCO it self takes 40 min plus."

Put the emphasis on the "plus." If multiple planes arrive simultaneously or it is a holiday of any sort, perhaps one you have never heard of, you can double that.

h3rnyta Aug 31st, 2016 05:27 PM

This is so helpful guys. Thank you so much. No, I won't be checking any bags and I noticed the next flight to FLR is on an A319 which usually has space for it. These are different reservations.

isabel Aug 31st, 2016 05:43 PM

I doubt very much you could make it. I would say your chances are very very slim. When you land, even if you don't have to wait for luggage you still will have to go through passport control and that can take half an hour or more - not to mention you have to deplane from a large aircraft, depending on where you sit that can take a half hour itself. And terminal one is not that close to terminal 5. And the second flight 'departs' at 10:25 - that will mean boarding closes by 10:00. Giving you a total of 45 minutes to get off the plane, wait in line at passport control, get to terminal one, go through security and get to the gate. No way I would risk that.

h3rnyta Aug 31st, 2016 06:36 PM

you're right isabel. its exactly what i've been concerned about. i just really really need to get to that wedding which starts at 3. And its 45 mins away from FLR smh
Lets see if I have time to cancel it. But i dont know how else I can get to florence on time, the next flight from rome gets me there too late.

nytraveler Aug 31st, 2016 07:10 PM

Extremely unlikely. First of all you have to deal with Immigration, which may take 10 minutes or 30. Then you have to get your luggage. I have never had this take less than 45 minutes and often longer.

So if your luggage is checked through you might be able to run and get to your ongoing flight - depending on if it's all one ticket.

But I very much doubt your luggage would make the ongoing flight.

Play it safe and take a train and have your luggage in your control.

Of better yet, don;t land the day of the wedding.

h3rnyta Aug 31st, 2016 07:40 PM

Ok guys! I decided to cancel the flight from Rome (Thank God I was able to :) ) Now im arriving in Paris at 755, and departing to FLR at 10:05. I think that sounds much better. (Now I only have to check the terminals) Thank you so much for your help. <3

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