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soluna Feb 10th, 2001 11:49 PM

Romantic Road, Black Forest or Castle Road?
Help! I will be in Germany in April for two weeks. The first week I will visit my relatives in Heidelberg, the second week I would like to take off and explore. The question is where? I have read the Fodor's and Frommer's books and they have just confused. It appears that Germany is a beautiful country throughtout I can't make up my mind which way to go. So please, I need some suggestions. Taking the time of year into consideration, should I head out to the Black Forest, do the Romantic Road, the Castle Road, or Bavaria? Can I do more than one area in one week? Please any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. This is the only time that I will probably be in this country and I want to see it all. <BR>Before I forget, there will be two of us, and we plan to drive. Also, can I trust Rick Steve's books? I read his Germany, Austria, and Switzerland one and don't know how accurate he is. Thanks!

ginny Feb 11th, 2001 06:13 AM

Hi! Having the same problem myself. I'm planning a Sept. trip, so I'm interested in the responses you get. For me at the moment I'm leaning toward the German Wine Road in the Pfalz and Rhine Terrace(researching family ties) but haven't ruled out the Romantic Road, the Fairytale Road, Bodensee or Bavaria. Will probably do 2 weeks as well, self-catering 1 wk one place and 1 wk another. But to help you with your question, my vote goes for the Romantic Road area!

Mary Ann Feb 11th, 2001 06:34 AM

Hi <BR>We have used Rick's Germany Austria and Swiss book and found it to be very accurate. He is opinionated but that actually helps. We did use it for traveling on the Rhine (stayed in Bacharach at the place with the trains), stay on the non train side if noise bothers you. We also did Rothenburg which is one of my absolute favorite places. We stayed in two different places, on different trips, my favorite was the Pub the Altfrankishe Wienstub Am Klosterhoff, I think (our book is out on loan). <BR>On a previous trip we were in the Black Forest and it was not as interesting. <BR>If you have limited time, I would at least do Rothenburg and then go from there. <BR>Good Luck

Russ Feb 11th, 2001 06:49 AM

The Castle Road is chuck full of sights and history and is far less touristy than the Romantic Road; it's relatively undiscovered by the world outside Germany and less trafficked as well. The Castle Road route takes you through Rothenburg also as it crosses the Romantic Road there. It officially begins right near Heidelberg, and continues on past Germany's eastern border, taking you through Franconia (part of Bavaria) too. There are so many sights and so much history here you'd probably find doing this in a week's time intimidating! But I think this would be your best bet. Also, I'd add Würzburg, maybe on your way back; you shouldn't miss the Residenz palace there, and it's quite a nice city. The Black Forest and southern Bavaria weather can be somewhat more troublesome in April than in the area the castle road cuts through. <BR> <BR>Here's a map of the Castle Road and a planning website. <BR> <BR>

wes fowleer Feb 11th, 2001 08:17 AM

Soluna and Ginny, <BR>I'm Emailing you some suggestions directly to you. They're too lengthy to post here. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

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