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Dave Jul 28th, 1997 07:32 PM

Romantic Places Near Frankfurt?
Was wondering if any one knows of a quite, romantic place to stay within 1-2 hours from Frankfurt by rail. I will be there during the first week of September. Any suggestions would be much sppreciated.

Leslie Jul 28th, 1997 07:47 PM

Heidelberg is one hour or so from Frankfurt. Assuming you're arriving at the airport, you can take the Lufthansa Bus. This bus will take you to either Mannheim or Heidelberg. I've ridden to Mannheim many times... it takes an hour and costs 60 Marks round--trip. Heidelberg is a just a little further and, I assume, a little bit more expensive. I'm sure you can take a train there, also, if you'd prefer. Heidelberg is very touristy, but I believe it is still considered to be one of the most romantic places in Germany. I lived in a smaller village called Schwetzingen, located between Heidelberg and Mannheim.

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