Romania and Bulgaria


Oct 26th, 1997, 11:28 PM
Charles Dutcher
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Romania and Bulgaria

In about ten days I will be heading for Romania and on to Bulgaria.I,m limited to a total of 10-12 days.Any advice?
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Oct 29th, 1997, 07:08 AM
George Holt
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Check out my web pages at to get a definately non definative taster. I've only been to Bucharest for a couple of days but I did an interesting wine and food (and culture) tour of Bulgaria a few years back.
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Nov 1st, 1997, 05:32 AM
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Charles: I have made five trips to Romania and
one to Bulgaria (working). Spent this past January through June in Romania, and have traveled over
much of country. Weather is cold in Transylvania now
(I received email from a friend of mine yesterday).
What questions in particular do you have? You can
email me if you like. Please be careful in Bulgaria.
I was there in 1994 and things were fine, but
socio-economic conditions have gotten worse and
crime is now a problem. This is from a friend of
mine in Shoumen, Bulgaria. If you can visit Timisoara, Romania. This is city where revolution began in 1989 and it is one of my favorite towns.
It is in Western Romania in an area called Banat.
Also I have lived in Bucuresti and like it very
much. Would be glad to assist you with questions,
regards, Ed
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