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Matthew Dean Jun 9th, 1998 07:36 PM

Rhine River Lodging
My wife and I will be traveling up the Rhine and would like to stay a night at a nice Bed and Breakfast or hotel of some kind. Does anyone know of any nice places on the Rhine. We will be travelling in August and would like to find something in the $100-150 range. <BR> <BR>Thanks for the help. <BR> <BR> <BR>

Lee Jun 10th, 1998 05:32 AM

Matthew: There are some very nice towns along the Rhine, on both sides between Wiesbaden/Mainz and Koblenz. We stayed at a chateau last summer for one night, built alongside a castle ruin. It's the Schlosshotel Rhienfels located at St. Goars (on the Mainz side). It is costly at about $175.00, but the place is lovely perched up above St. Goars on the river. Breakfast is served outside on the patio above the river. What a view! We started out at Rudesheim, just north/east of Weisbaden and drove the 65 km to Koblenz, crossing the bridge and driving about 20 km to St. Goars. The next day, we left the hotel, toured the ruins and headed down the river to Mainz. What a trip! We found the food a little too exotic (and expensive) at the hotel for our taste, so we ate at a little Italian place in St. Goars the evening we stayed there. There are also many B & B's in some lovely towns like Bacharach, probably less $$$, which you can find on the web. Good luck and have a good trip!

Bob Jun 10th, 1998 09:39 PM

We stayed at the Krone in Assmannhausen. Great old place right on the river and easy drive up and down the Rhine. You can walk across the street and catch the boats to take a tour. Another source to check is Karen Brown's German Country Inns and castles. Good recs for all of Germany. That is how we found the Krone. Also try the Moselle River. We enjoy it more than the Rhine and they are very close together. More neat towns such as Berncastle and Zell. have fun. Any other questions, email me <BR>

Doug Jun 15th, 1998 07:00 AM

We also stayed at the Schloss Rheinfels in St Goar. It was expensive, but worth it. Make it your "splurge" after taking a Rhine Cruise tour. The rooms are huge and gorgeous. The view as the sun comes up in the morning is memorable. The hotel is high on a cliff overlooking the Rhine. You'll hear the barges going by and trains whiz-up both sides of the river like toys.

AboLuay Jun 19th, 1998 11:10 AM

We stayed in the Youth Hostel in Koblens. It is in an old castle that overlook the city with view of 2 rivers meeting the Rhine. You should visit the castle at least for the view.

kam Jun 19th, 1998 03:55 PM

Would definitely second the recommendation for the Hotel Krone in Assmanhausen!! Can't tell you current rates, however, and their restaurant is good too. <BR>

Matthew Dean Jun 21st, 1998 05:39 PM

Thanks to all for the info. Will check out these options. <BR> <BR>

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