Reviews of Little Known Paris Hotels

Dec 6th, 2001, 10:34 AM
Julie Stenberg
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Reviews of Little Known Paris Hotels

I'm looking for some help here because I got some great advice the last time I had a question. We are looking at a trip to Paris this winter and have discovered some super cheap hotel/air packages from the US. After checking out info on hotel rates for booking on our own, we've decided that we can't beat the hotel prices in the packages. The problem is that for the most part the 2 and 3 star hotels offered in these packages aren't listed in any guidebooks, and the only info I can find on them is their own hype on the web which is obviously super biased info. These are some of the possibilities in these packages: Hotel Caravelle near the Opera and Grand Boulevard; des Artistes near Montmartre; des Arenes in the 5th Ar.; Abbatial St. Germaine, Moderne St. Germaine, and California St. Germaine all in the Latin Quarter; and a totally different option a studio apartment at the Citadines Voltaire Republic. We're basically looking for a room (charm would be a plus)that is at least large enought to turn around in and has a place to sit other than the beds. We'd like a convenient and interesting neighborhood (would be happy to use the metro)that does not have to be too trendy or have a lot of nightlife but yet isn't stuck in a dull office oriented section of the city. Where can I find some real reviews so I can more easily make a decision? I guess I am concerned about making the right choice because it will be winter so unfortunately we will probably be spending more time in our room than we usually do on trips where we are basically in the room just to sleep and get cleaned up.
Dec 6th, 2001, 10:58 AM
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try looking for comments from past hotel guests at in the hotel section
It's an excellent website anyway also has some reviews from guests

Try doing a search on this message board for the California; I think some comments have been posted.
The Citadines Voltaire Republic is mentioned in my reliable Cheap Sleeps in Paris book. Metro stop is Parmentier. Comments include:
"<this> is included because of its reasonable price with a caveat about its is not in the center of is in the heart of the rapidly developing eleventh arrondissement...This is a typical
Parisian neighborhood where you can really mix with the locals..."
Dec 6th, 2001, 11:01 AM
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There are 3 main hotel sites with good customer comments for Paris:, and

Most if not all of these are on the first one for sure. Also, I've heard of most of them quite a bit, they are in several good guidebooks and rated well (ie, Abbatial, California SG, Arenes). I've read comments on this board from those who've liked the Calif. SG, as I recall. I recommended the Abbatial to someone due to their peculiar requirements (Latin Qtr but near public pool due to serious swimming) and he kindly wrote back after the trip to tell me how much he liked it (I thought it might be noisy being right on bd St-Germain, although towards the quieter end, and he said they had a back room which was fine). I have not heard of the Moderne or Caravelle. I wouldn't stay in the Caravelle or Artistes due to the location, it's not very convenient and the former is on rue des Martyres in Montmartre which may be fine for going out, but I wouldn't want to stay there; the latter is on the southern side of place Clichy near Pigalle metro, I don't like that area (in fact, there was a thread on that particular hotel, Artistes, on this board not long ago). The Citadines Voltaire is near Voltaire metro between the Bastille/Oberkampf area and would be good if you were young and wanted clubbing and bars, etc., otherwise maybe not so much. It's an okay area, I like it, but it's not glamorous and probably not best for those who don't know Paris well, and that metro stop isn't that convenient as it runs east-west. In short, I think you'll do fine with the Arenes, Abbatial or California SG; the MOderne is right next to the California, so the area is fine, I've just never heard of that hotel. I would choose the Arenes as I like rue Monge area best, but the Abbatial is very convenient for tourists being right near the Seine and close to Notre Dame. That's a nice area, also. For a short stay, I probably wouldn't book the Citadines as you aren't going to want to stay inside anyway, and it's not charming, just a modern apt/hotel structure.
Dec 6th, 2001, 04:26 PM
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Try searching through Type in "Paris Hotel" and the name of the hotel. You should receive all sorts of choices, some with personal comments of the hotels. Try to locate these hotels on a map of Paris. Location, location, location is everything. We just returned from Paris and stayed in the 6th (St. Germain) and is was not only charming but convenient (walking) to many museums, Notre Dame etc. The area also has some nice restaurants and is lively at night. Good luck.
Dec 7th, 2001, 07:51 AM
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My (grown)daughter and I just returned from a week in Paris and we stayed at the Hotel Lyon Mulhouse. We had rm 35 on the 5th floor (has elevator). Our room had a double and twin bed, wardrobe, sm table/2 chairs, color TV w/remote, phone, bath w/shower, hairdryer, and our room had 2 large windows that opened onto a nice-size balcony . . . all this for only $69/night. This was my second time to stay here, two friends and I stayed here in March, our triple (2 double beds) was about $77.

The desk personnel speak perfect English and good Spanish (and maybe more languages) and are very helpful. The hotel is one block from the Bastille metro, the new Opera house, and the area is full of shops, restaurants.

They have a website: and you can email them: [email protected].

Hope this helps,

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