Results Stage 11 - Very exciting!

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TourdeFrance Update
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Results Stage 11 - Very exciting!

Lance Armstrong road the wheel of his team mate Roberta Heras to the finish on La Mongie in the Pyrennes. At the end it was only Armstrong, Heras and Once team member Joseba Beloki. Lance pulled away at the end and now wears the yellow jersey. He now leads the tour by 1' 12".

Go Lance.....
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Thanks for the exciting update.
Go Lance!
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What an absolutely incredible race today and the weather was perfect.
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Lots of Texas flags and US flags on the mountain today. Go Lance...
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Lance, being the man that he is, gave Roberto Heras the credit for the stage victory in his post race interview.

What a great story he is and what an incredible event the Tour de France is.
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Lance gave Robert credit? For pulling his butt around for 140 plus kilometers?! Gee, that's big of him.

Teamwork is a HUGE element in the Tour. Lance has incredible capabilities, some the luck of his genes, others through a huge amount of training. That said, his ego is bigger than all of those elements combined (which may be what it takes to win the tour, AND beat cancer). He SHOULD credit his team mates. (and if you've read his book, a lot of other people in his life - wife not the least)
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You sound a little angry. What's pushing your button?
Old Jul 18th, 2002, 12:50 PM
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Nope, not angry. Just cynical about all the "Lance, you're the man stuff". Read his book and tell me if you agree.
Old Jul 18th, 2002, 02:01 PM
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Well, since it was Roberto that got tangled with him and caused the fall I think it shows a LOT of class and teamwork for both of them. I suspect Roberto begged him to "pull his butt". It IS all about teamwork.
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Hey triple x

I read the book, whats the problem??

Remember last year when his main rival fell and Lance waited on him?????
Old Jul 18th, 2002, 02:30 PM
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You don't have to be so defensive. If you read my original post you will see that I said that Lance has incredible capabilites. And his life has been totally dedicated to his sport. The thing that struck me about his life story, however, is how many other people's lives have been dedicated to Lance's sport; his mom, his ex-girlfriend, his friends, and now his family. Their lives are all about Lance's cycling. He's very fortunate to have a support structure like that. And his team does pull him along for the bulk of the race so that he can reserve his energy for the last push.

Nothing wrong with ego. I'm sure that Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, the CEO of Worldcom.... all have substantial egos. All I said is that teamwork was huge in this sport.

Waiting for his rival last year was a classy thing to do. I watched the SF Grand Prix when Lance handed the race to George Hincapie, payback for his efforts in the TDF last year. All I'm saying is the team counts for a heck of a lot in this sport.
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Agreed, teamwork is what it's all about and if you watched today's stage ( Stage 11 ) you saw a beautiful example of teamwork by US Postal.

Lance's job on the team is to WIN the tour. Roberto understands this and so does Lance. The strategy is to rest the star as long as you can and then turn him loose. They applied that strategy beautifully today.

All great stars, whether in film, music or sports have an incredible number of people supporting them. Most do so willingly and are enriched by the experience, especially in a situation like Lance's, where the man had metastatic cancer in his brain and lungs and not only beats it ( a miracle in and of itself ) but then comes back to win the single most grueling athletic competition on the planet. It's beyond phenomenal.

I've ridden 100 mile rides in the mountains here in the states. I know how hard it is physically and psychologically. Lance is incredible and I think the people around him realize that and for them, the word sacrifice does not exist.
Old Jul 18th, 2002, 04:08 PM
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Well said Abigail.
Old Jul 18th, 2002, 06:02 PM
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I don 't follow cycling closely, but really admire Lance's incredible achievements! For the little I know, I don't believe anyone has won it four times, have they? Wasn't there a former champion who won it 3?
Old Jul 18th, 2002, 06:07 PM
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Nope, Lance won't be the first to win it four times...or five times, either, if memory serves. It's six times and he's golden.
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There are several five time winners of the TDF:
Bernard Hinault
Miguel Indurain (five times in a row)
Eddie Merckx
Jacques Anquteil

Although I am not a huge fan of Lance in terms of his personality (My husband is a former cycling pro on the international level and we still hear the scuttlebutt from the circuit. Those of us who followed his career pre-cancer still remember those tempramental days you read about in the book!) I cannot fail but to be impressed by him and his achievements. As he said, he wished he could have given the stage to Heras today, but strategically, it wouldn't have been good for the USPS team at all because of the time bonuses Beloki would have received for the win. Everyone who signs on with the Posties know they ride for Lance. According to the trade mags, he takes nothing from the winnings he earns from the TDF and adds another $250k of his own money to go to the team. Very cool.

Anyway, as much as I respect Lance's achievements, I would have loved to see Jalabert win.
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Anyone hear what Botero had to say about his puncture?
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Lance's job on the team may be to 'win the tour' but the team also must try to win stages. It looked like Armstrong wanted to give the stage victory to Heras but was unsure if Beloki might surprise them, as Heras didn't go for the sprint at the end, so Armstrong had to take off to ensure a team win.

There have been FOUR 5-time winners: Jacques Anquetil (FR), Eddy Merckx (BE), Bernard Hinault (FR) and Miguel Indurain (SP). Indurain was the only one of these to win in five consecutive years.
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Sorry for posting the same info as Trixie. Way to go Trixie - hope you win big on a trivia show sometime!!
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