Restaurants in Paris 6eme St. Michel

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Le Pre Verre is in the fifth arrondissement.

From Michel Paris's list, I also like Bastide Odeon, although it is several years since I've been there.
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"Bacteria Alley" love it...For the 3-plus decades that I've been going to Paris, I have never eaten at one of those establisments because I suspected that they might be "Bacteria Alley". I've just never heard anyone call it that. I needed a good laugh. Happy Travels!
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I stayed in a flat just around the corner from "Bacteria Alley" in rue Xavier Privas and walked past those restaurant barkers several times every day. What a hoot - they would flirt, but I never had ANY urge to eat at any of them.

You have received lots of good suggestions. I just want to second (or is it third) le Reminet. Just wonderful food . . . . . .
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courty77 states "not necessarily expensive". There was no budget given, but am curious what the general avg. would be for these restaurants per person. Are they similar in price or all over the board? Only Ira's gave a price (and from reading Ira's incredible journeys through France, I can see that 25e isn't much for him, but would be a bit of a splurge for our family of 4).
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I have to confess that I picked up the term "Bacteria Alley" on other websites talking about that street. While the uncooked meat lying out in full view does indeed look disgusting, I don't think they actually serve those items. Believe it or not, Paris does have extremely strict hygiene rules for restaurants, so any food being served is not coming from the display window.

I just wanted to add that there is absolutely no reason to restrict oneself to the 6th arrondissement, since it a really quite small, and there are other arrondissements with fine restaurants within a half hour or even 15 minutes of walking.

Not to mention a little device that we have called the metro.
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We were at Bastide d'Odeon twice last year. The food was wonderful and the service even better (very friendly).

I especially recall the first time we opened the front door...and ran smack into the heavy red velvet drapes! They hang them to keep the cold out of the salon. The maitre d' had to rescue us from its folds!

Michel: I suggest you add Bistrot d'Opio to your list (now called Bastide d'Opio?). 9 rue Guisarde. Provencal menu, fun hopping atmosphere. We had the specialty: Sizzling skewers of steak with various mustards. Mmmmm. ---Not too expensive.
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Chez Fernand (the one on rue Christine)

I agree. Our best meal in Paris on our last trip, and we had a lot of good meals.

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Hi Are,

>..from reading Ira's incredible journeys through France, I can see that 25e isn't much for him,...<

Actually, in order to save up for our visits to Europe, my wife takes in washing, I do handyman and yard work, and we eat meat once a month.

Thanks for the kind words.
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I'll add Bistrot d'Opio to it, thanks!

I've found being a regular consumer at this forum that certain restaurant names come up regularly, and since I believe that meals are an important part of any trip, I decided to keep a list. I've also looked at a few local Paris resto review blogs and Chowhound. There is an overwhelming number of potential meals out there.

Last trip, I tried six new places, some from the list, some add-ons. As Kerouac stated, even with a wide selection of restos, don't limit yourself to only ones near your hotel.

Last trip I stayed in the 16th but ate in the 16th,7th,6th and 4th. It's more a question of where you are spending your day. A few choices were "walk-by's", a few where "travel to's"

Unfortunately, any list has a "half-life", so must be constantly reviewed. I know that I recommend some places here that I like a couple of years ago...are they still good? I should go check, non?

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