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evelyn sutler May 25th, 2002 06:10 PM

restaurants and cultural sites in paris
I will be attending a meeting in Paris August 26 thru sepetember 3rd. Please send me some information regarding any fine dining restaurants and cultural attractions in and around Paris within 50 miles. thank you for your attention to my request.

JustTryingToBe May 25th, 2002 07:13 PM

evelyn,there is a small boxat the top of the page that says text search.type paris or paris restaurants whatever you are interested in,into that box and read what has already been posted.There are plenty of posts to get you started.Then you can ask a more specific question.<BR>Or just read through all these threads about Paris.<BR>

LetsSee May 25th, 2002 08:25 PM

Gee, Evelyn, you want information about "fine dining and cultural attractions in and around Paris within 50 miles," right? <BR><BR>Do you want people here to write a few books for you, or what? Have you even cracked a book yourself? Done a search on this forum? Have a clue that your question is SO broad it's ridiculous? Go to the library, Evelyn. Or if you're going to a conference, get your company to spring for a guide book. You can write it off, I'm quite sure, but check with your HR department.<BR><BR>

GiGi May 25th, 2002 08:45 PM

I've got very important meetings in Paris next week, too, and I want you all to tell me where I should be dining after them and where I should go for the two days I've got free during them. I also need to know where to shop close to the OECD meetings in Passy (have limited time but lots of money). I can go about 25 km outside Paris if necessary. I need metro routes, maps, restaurants and cafe suggestions,and dont't tell me to look at a map because I'm very important and don't have time for that sort of silly detail.

Juant May 26th, 2002 12:37 AM

don't mess with this lady. she has power over your social security "pension." as a fontionnaire, she is used to having other people tell her what to do, so don't give her grief for the form of her request.<BR>just curious: what kind of conference in Paris, France do we send social security bureaucrats to attend?

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