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css Feb 6th, 2004 06:23 AM

restaurant opinions please
My husband and I will have 5 dinners in Paris in July. I'd like to have a variety of dining expierences; not all very fancy places w/heavy cream sauces or all casual bistros every night.(I do not eat meat but do eat fish and seafood, my husband eats everything)Here's my thoughts. Please help! Thanks
L'Astrance, Les Elysees du Vernet, Violin D'Ingres, Ze Kitchen Galerie, L'Angle du Faubourg, Lescure

Maribel Feb 6th, 2004 06:42 AM

We've yet to snag a reservation at L'Astrance but will keep trying.
We did have a great lunch at Ze Kitchen Galerie last month-had really wanted to try it after reading the P. Wells review and having it recommended to us by the folks at the wine stop La Derniere Goutte. We found the loft-like setting and contemporary decor very stylish, like its neighbor Les Bookinistes, down to the Phillipe Starck designed cutlery, the creative cuisine impressive with a slight Asian (Thai) touch, the welcome warm (we reserved a week in advance), the service first rate and most importantly, it was a solid value. We were seated next to the glassed in kitchen and watched the chef at work, then he came out to greet the diners. We opted for the 28 euro 2 course meal including a glass of wine, a creative soup and a huge plat (dorade). There's also a 31 and 33 euro menu with dessert. While we like Les Bookinistes next door, we enjoyed chef Ledeuil's new venture just as much. We'll definitely return.

elaine Feb 6th, 2004 10:54 AM

Le Violon d'Ingres is one of my favorites, I've been there twice and will go again.
The "heavy cream" sauces is a stereotype from the past, it is not true of all French cooking anymore than
McDonalds or Denny's is characteristic of all American food.

Le Violon also offers a wonderful cheese course, whether or not you are also having dessert afterwards. They are very helpful about suggesting choices. I love the place. Decor is contemporary and sleek. The welcome is warm. Dine after 8pm with fewer tourists, if that appeals.

Lescure is a little hole-in-the wall place, in a location about two or three blocks from Place de la Concorde. I haven't been there in a while and don't recall if they take reservations.
It is family-style cooking, a small place, nothing fancy, but good value for the moderate cost. I think of it as a good choice for my first night when I'm jet lagged because I go early when it's easier to get a table, and I don't have to dress much.

Underhill Feb 6th, 2004 11:24 AM


That's a good list. As for L'Astrance, the restaurant requires that you call exactly one month in advance to reserve a table: no more, no less. Good luck! I've heard great things about the restaurant. You might also like Le Soufflé, in the 1st, which has a variety of offerings in addition to the wonderful soufflés (cheese, spinach, seafood, dessert).

elsiejune Feb 6th, 2004 01:34 PM

Spent a week in Paris last spring. Our favorite restaurant (and not particularly pricey) was La Caleche on the rue de Lille (border of the 6eme/7eme on the Rive Gauche. Filled with well-dressed locals and a super-efficient waitress. Enjoy!

katdesign Feb 6th, 2004 05:32 PM

As I posted in reply to another person:

When we were in Paris two years ago, I made reservations for dinner at The Jules Verne Restaurant at the EIFFEL TOWER. It was a great meal. (lunch and dinner available). If you dine here, there is a separate private elevator for the restaurant which takes you all the way up. If you have time, this is a great way to enjoy the view, while eating a meal inside. NO LINE!! I don't know if the Altitude restaurant offers the same type of elevator access. Check this website:

Another casual lunch type cafe that we ate at was Les Deux Magots. It was a fun, interesting casual coffee/croissant stop. I found out later that poets and writers such as Hemingway used to frequent here quite often.

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