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ketul Jan 22nd, 2019 01:59 PM

Rental Car in Iceland?
Hey there!

I need a little help guys, me and my family are hesitating about choosing a rental company in Iceland.
We have checked many like Cars Iceland, Green Motion, Holdur, Reykjavik cars...etc.
The cheapest deal we found was on Reykjavik Cars, Do any of you guys know anything about them? Any recommendations?

It would be my first time in Iceland and I want everything to go smoothly!

Renting a vehicle is pretty much the most important part of our trip, as we will mostly be on the road :).

Thank you!

nomadcrizzy Jan 22nd, 2019 05:19 PM

Hi there ketul! I have rented a car a while ago with one of those companies you mention in your post. My experience with Reykjavik Cars was interesting as we decided to rent with them since they had the vehicle we wanted (Dacia Duster) at a reasonable price. The pick up process was quick as they were waiting for us at the airport, then took us to the depot within a few minutes.

The only thing that concerned me was that as we picked up the car late at night we could not spot some scratches the body of the car had until next morning. Some companies charge a lot of money for these things, even if you are not responsible. I called the number on the PDF and they suggested to email the pictures of my report. Luckily, they noted everything down and they did not charged my card.

I would recommend this company over others as they seem like a very honest and serious business. They have great deals on the website so you should check it out!

Minnietheminx Jan 23rd, 2019 01:40 AM

Hi Ketul!
Yep, heard about them. I would totally avoid Green Motion, I've never rented with them but when I was planning my past trips, reviews were awful. You can check on google, TripAdvisor or anywhere will barely find good ratings.

In my last trip to Iceland, I rented with Cars Iceland 'cause they're locals and had really good reviews. Everything went perfectly. Now, Reykjavik Cars and Holdur are also well known, good companies so you can rent with the one that suits you best.

I would recommend you to choose a good insurance 'cause Iceland's roads are tough! We did the Ring Road and even some sections of the road were not paved and gravels were everywhere. We had one of those hitting our windshield (thank god it did not break) but if we didn't have the Gravel insurance, we would have to pay for the damage :omg: and Iceland is not cheap at all! :wow:

Melnq8 Jan 23rd, 2019 04:38 AM

We rented with Lagoon, had a satisfactory experience. We waived the insurance.

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